Saturday, November 18, 2017

Featured Model - 11/18/2017, Mini Corazon

Hello and welcome to yet another edition of Featured Model, the weekly blog event where I pick a model from my collection, give some stats on it and provide commentary about it. This week's model is...Mini Corazon!

This little guy was part of a set, Mini Hermoso and Corazon, that was the free gift to Premier Club members back in 2015. They were miniature versions of that year's mare and foal set, Hermosa and Corazon. Since Breyer doesn't like to announce how many of the Premier Club models are produced for some reason, run numbers on this set are unknown - but I'd guess around 750. This model was issued on the G3 Standing Foal sculpted by Jane Lunger.

I tend to be ambivalent about Stablemate foal molds for some reason - they just kind of accumulate on my shelves when they get bought as part of other sets. That's how my collection on this mold got started - when I received this set at the end of 2015. But this mold grew on me quickly, as he is pretty cute. Little Corazon was my first on this mold, but now I have 10 of them - so Little Corazon has plenty of company!

This set themselves are pretty cute, though I wish mine didn't have gloss flaws. Otherwise they look pretty nice - they both have snappy paint jobs. Time will tell where Breyer uses this mold next - we're due for some new releases next year, so maybe we'll get this guy in a new color! We'll find out soon.

Friday, November 17, 2017

Early Black Friday sale for Collector Club members!

Today's early morning surprise from Breyer: the annual Black Friday sale!

Currently the sale is only available to Collector Club members, but will open to the general public at some point. Amongst the goodies available: Riptide, the Vintage Club Stablemate; Hermoso and Corazon, the Premier Club Stablemates; Cypress, this year's Vintage Club extra; Tallulah, Moondance and Abdul, CC special runs from the past few years; and the Premier Club Ashquar, among other models. A lot of them are already sold out, so if there's something you're on the fence about buying, don't wait too long!

I didn't buy anything this year, as there wasn't anything I needed, but these sales are fun to see all the same, just to see what they come up with every year.

Also, I've been hearing that the free shipping code on the back page of this year's Breyer catalog (arriving in mailboxes now!) may or may not be compatible with this sale, so don't forget to try it!

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Carina and Selene and Rosalind and Rigel are here!

Whew, that was a bit of a mouthful. Nonetheless, they're here! They actually arrived last week, but this is the earliest I've had time to take some quick photos of them. I'll start with Carina!

I really like this mare's pose! She looks like she's doing the piaffe/passage, but could also just be prancing. It could go either way! She has a nice face, too.

I'm still not crazy about the pink eyewhites trend Breyer seems to be stuck on, but that's a relatively minor issue. Quality-wise, my Carina and Selene models are both pretty nice - some seams got missed, and there's some blurred masking here and there, but nothing major. Now for Selene!

I'm not quite as enamored with the foal as I am with the mare - there's something odd about her front legs, and it seems strange that she's not also trotting to keep up with the mare. But I like her slightly turned head and the impression that she's giving us the side-eye.

Like I said, some blurred edges, but nothing major.

Next: Rosalind!

I really like the color on this mare! She's so shiny and pearly - I love it! And like I said before, I like that the horn looks natural rather than a vaguely-horn-shaped bit of plastic slapped on the horse's forehead. Now let's take a look at Rigel!

He matches his mother pretty well, and has a cute little baby horn! I like their blue eyes, too. Sometimes blue eyes can look weird on a model, but I think it works here.

Quality-wise, they have a few small issues (some small scuffs on the foal, pinpoint black marks on the mare), but again nothing major. I'm happy to have them join my herd!

In other news, I was drawn for a St. Moritz! Huzzah! Hopefully he gets here fast so I can take some photos of him for the blog. He needs to join my Esprit herd!

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Featured Model - 11/11/2017, Mini Tseminole Wind

Hello, readers, and welcome to the latest installment of Featured Model! Featured Model is the weekly blog event where I pick a model from my collection, give some stats on it and provide commentary about it. This week's model Tseminole Wind!

This little guy is item #711080, on the G2 Rearing Arabian mold sculpted by Kathleen Moody. He was part of the 20th Anniversary Commemorative Set released at Breyerfest in 2009; a total of 500 sets were produced. The Commemorative Set consisted of Stablemate-sized portraits of the 20 Breyerfest Celebration Horses that had been done at that time.

I like the color on this model, mostly because flashy bay pintos are totally my bag. I used to have the Traditional-size version of this model, on the Sham mold, and loved him for years until I finally decided his shelf space needed to go to molds I liked more. Fortunately, Stablemate molds take up a lot less space than Traditionals, so I'm not likely to ever need to get rid of my models on this particular mold.

I always liked this mold, despite his lack of detail. He has attitude! Like the poorly-behaved Arabian halter stallions of yore, he definitely gets your attention one way or another. And like most of the Stablemate molds, he's seen a lot of use - I think I have around 15 of them in my collection. The more the merrier! Who knows where we'll see him next, since he was just used in this year's Stablemate Club. But we're due for some new Stablemate releases next year - maybe he'll pop up there!

Friday, November 10, 2017

Odds and Ends

Okay, this one might be old news by now, but it was revealed last week that the 2018 Breyerfest Celebration Horse will be Brass Hat, on the Carrick mold! I've been waiting for more official confirmation than "blurry photo of a flyer" but we haven't gotten that yet, so here we are.

I'm excited for this news - mostly because I like Carrick, and the (poor-quality) photos look pretty good - he actually looks somewhat like brass! And I'm glad they chose this particular horse for the Celebration Model - so many people were getting starry-eyed about their favorite famous racehorse (usually expensive breeding stallions) being the Celebration Horse, but I knew it would have to be some type of moderately successful Thoroughbred, probably a gelding, and ideally one that went on to have a successful second career after racing - and Brass Hat is all of those things! Huzzah! I'm excited for next year already!

Secondly, a few days ago Breyer put up another free calendar offer on the website - the usual spend $50, get a free calendar thing - and now the calendar is showing up at people's houses. And inside the calendar are some surprise reveals for next year! Again, I'm waiting for an official announcement, or photos better than "blurry photo of a calendar page," but I can say that the surprises include a white unicorn Yasmin (Yes! But white, again? Bleh), and...California Chrome is finally getting his own portrait model, on Cigar (meh). I like Chrome, though not enough to call myself a Chromie or anything. I'd probably like him more if his owners weren't such imbeciles, but that's another story for another day. Sadly, I cleared my shelves of my Cigar models a couple of years ago, and have no plans on adding more, so the Chrome model won't be joining my herd. That unicorn Yasmin, though...bring her on!

Thursday, November 9, 2017

St Moritz: Silver Filigree Replacement?

So I wonder if there won't be a silver filigree special run this year? If this is the replacement, I think he's pretty spectacular!

Say hello to St. Moritz! From the website:

The magnificence of winter is on full display with St. Moritz!  Sledding, ice skating, and riding in fresh snow are wonderful ways to enjoy the season!  Breyer's St. Moritz is a spirited equine that looks like an ice sculpture and is decorated with frosty blues and warming pinks.  Clear snowflakes and windy swirls adorn his sides for an elegant wintry motif.  Limited to just 380 pieces, St. Moritz will be gone before the snow melts, so act fast!  He is marked St. Moritz 2017 on his belly, and comes in a Breyer mail order box.

I love him, though the cynical part of me wonders if he was made from leftover clearware from last year's decorator Samba Surprise. But never mind that! I love his color scheme - there's a level in Super Mario 3D World that has that exact color scheme - ice, blue, purple/pink - and I just love those colors together! And since there's 380 of him (kind of an odd number, but whatever), I've got a good chance of getting my hands on him! 

I won't be upset if there isn't a silver filigree model this year - I think Breyer was starting to get a little predictable, to be honest. And it's not like they've done one every year in the past - sometimes things need a little break. I think this is a worthy silver filigree replacement!

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

The 2018 Stablemate Club is now open for signups!

 Like the title says, the 2018 Stablemate Club is now open for business! And we get to see another of the models!

From the website:

The 2018 Stablemates Collector's Club begins with Kohana, a stunning bay roan Mustang! Designed by talented Australian customizer Franceyn Dare, Kohana has MAPPED overo pinto markings and Indian feathers in his mane!

Interesting that they're not starting with the G1, but I suppose they have to mix things up sometime. I'm more impressed that they managed to pull off mapping on a Stablemate! Too bad I don't collect the G3 Mustang.

As for the other releases, I think it's safe to assume those silhouettes are in fact the other molds that will be used next year, as they showed up on the promotional banner:


Which means I only need one membership next year, as I only collect the mini Brishen and possibly the new mold (if it isn't too weird-looking). Which begs the question, why haven't we seen the new mold yet? I suppose they'll show it later to drive more last-minute signups. I can't wait to see what the new mold looks like!

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Yet another test run model on the website!

I suppose I shouldn't be surprised at this point, but...we have another test run model available for entry on the Breyer website!

This time it's a Roy! Not my favorite mold, but whatevs. He looks very similar to the Clydesdale Foal that was offered earlier in the year. From the email:

We have a lot of roan horses in our archive!  They are a fun color to test, and there are also many techniques to achieve roan so we've had lots of variations over the years.  Old Roy was an early test run, probably from 2000.  He's seen better days, but we cannot bear to send him out to pasture!  His blaze and four socks, done with masking tape, give him character, and his bay roan shading and big dark hooves add so much character.  But he does have wear.  He has rubs on eartips, hooves, right knee, left barrel, and inside the left hind leg.  There are a few shiny marks and a few colored rubs from being too close to another model at one point in time.  He has stress marks on his face seam and it's a little rough there too.  But we still love him and hope he finds a home, because he's actually quite adorable - look at that face!! 

So he's a "roan" color, with tape-masked markings, in a shade oddly similar to that Clydesdale Foal. I'm guessing they were probably painted around the same time. They'd make a nice set if you could get ahold of them both! Which won't be as difficult with this particular piece, because he only costs $650 instead of the usual $850.

I won't be entering for this one, but good luck to everyone! 

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Retired Models for 2018

So the retired list for 2018 has been making the rounds, and I thought I'd post it here:
Craft Activity
4203 3D Paint-by-Number – Dapple Grey
61019 Doll & Accessories 6 pc Asst
61024 Pet Groomer
61039 Vet Care
61048 Pony Care
61068 Abigail, English Rider
61069 English Horse & Rider
61070 Western Horse & Rider
61082 Best Friends Set
61085 Gift Set 6 pc Asst (2 pcs of #61024, 61039, 61048)
61090 Show Jumping Set
62034 Rock & Roll Forever
62037 Race Horse & Jockey
62118 Bella, 2017 Horse of the Year
9184 American Pharoah - Classics
My Favorite Horse
1409 Let's Go Riding English
1410 Let's Go Riding Western
1727 Let's Go Racing
Pony Gals®
7118 Chloe Care For Me Vet Set
5377 Barrel Racing Play Set
5388 Competing at the Games Gift Set
5410 Tractor Play Set
5900 Stablemates Singles 24 pc Asst
5935 Horse & Rider 12pc Asst
5949 Visiting Vet Gift Set
6020 Gift Pack 6 pc Asst (3 pcs of #6021, #6022)
6021 Super Sporty Gift Set
6022 Gentle Giants Gift Set
6031 English Horse & Riders 12 Pc Asst
6032 Western Horse & Riders 12 Pc Asst
9154 Valegro - Stablemates
9183 American Pharoah - Stablemates


1769 Bandera - "Ranch" Horse - limited to 5,000 pcs
1357 Big Chex to Cash - Quarter Horse
1739 Chocolate Chip Kisses - Pinto World Champion
1749 Sweet Pea - Foal Collection
1750 Scooter - Foal Collection
1751 Rocky - Foal Collection
1754 Icelandic - Svali frá Tjӧrn
1758 Cherry Creek Fonzie Merit - Canadian Horse
1759 Cortes C - Show Jumper
1761 Hickory Hills Wall Street - miniature donkey
1764 BHR Bryant's Jake - Spotted Draft
1768 Brunello - Champion Hunter
9171 Best of British Irish Draught
9175 Best of British Shire and Corgi Set - 1/12 scale
9176 Best of British Ponies and Draught 4pc Set - 1/32 scale
Traditional Series Tack and Accessories
2069 Winners' Circle Accessory Set - English
2063 Winners' Circle Accessory Set - Western
2061 Going to the Horse Show Set

I'm a bit surprised that they're already retiring the Icelandic, Bryants Jake, Cortes C and Hickory Hills Wall Street - those were all only introduced last year, and if I remember right, some of them were mid-year releases. Usually they let a regular run go for at least two years - heck, Big Chex to Cash has been in the line since 2008. But I guess that means more new regular runs for 2018, so I can't complain too much!

I'm more excited about all the Stablemate stuff that's getting retired, including all of the single-assortment Stablemates. That means we're getting a ton of new Stablemate stuff next year! I can't wait to see what they are. Looks like my Stablemate collection may be expanding- a lot!

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Featured Model - 11/4/2017, Dapple Gray G2 Andalusian

Hello, readers, and welcome to another edition of Featured Model! Featured Model is the weekly blog event where I pick a model from my collection, give some stats on it and provide commentary about it. This week's model is...the original Dapple Gray G2 Andalusian!

This model was part of the original Special Edition Stablemates Gift Set offered through JAH in 1998, which introduced twelve new Stablemate molds to Breyer's lineup! Prior to that time, the Stablemates line had not been updated since the Maureen Love sculpts were introduced in the '70s. It was definitely time for an update!

Interestingly, this set doesn't appear to have had an item number, but 5,000 sets were produced for JAH in 1998. I remember buying this set when it first came out - it may have been the first JAH special run I was actually able to purchase (prior to that time the special runs would sell out by the time I got my copy of the magazine and mailed in my order). This model, like all of the G2s, was sculpted by Kathleen Moody.

Unfortunately, the sets were plagued with quality issues, which I remember noticing when I received mine - but I only would have been twelve years old at the time, so the concept of exchanging things was totally unknown to me. Oh well! My set has taken some damage (some of which can be seen in the photo), but that's bound to happen when they're owned by a twelve-year-old (with a weird habit of sometimes putting them all back in the foam insert in the box for some reason).

I always liked this particular mold because it's so stereotypically Andalusian, from the pose to the thick mane and tail, even the color (on this release). I love dapple gray horses in general, but a nice dark one like this is really hard to resist. His allure has faded a little bit since his introduction almost 20 years ago, but I have no intention of getting rid of mine - he's the fairy tale horse so many people have dreamed of!

Thursday, November 2, 2017

2017 Unicorn Set - Rosalind and Rigel!

That's not all the exciting reveals we've had today - we also got a new set of unicorns! Behold:

Rosalind and Regel!

I'm super happy to see this release - Giselle and Gilen need to be used more often, and what's more fitting than a unicorn set? I like how the horns look, too - a lot of times the added horns look really goofy (looking at you, Stone). But these look perfectly natural. I'm mildly annoyed that they did another mostly-white unicorn set, though - expand your horizons a bit, Breyer! Unicorns could come in a lot of different colors! Branch out a bit.

The names are kind of weird, too. Okay, Rosalind is perfectly reasonable, I guess, but...Rigel?

EDIT: Reading fail...his name is Rigel, not Regel. Apparently Rigel is the name of a star. D'oh! That makes a lot more sense.

I still bought this set along with my Carina and Selene, though. Sheesh, with today's releases and renewing my Premier Club membership, Breyer has gotten a lot of money out of me lately. I've been cutting back on my purchases for the last couple of months, though, so I don't feel too guilty. But I can't wait for these unicorns to get here so I can see how pretty they are!

There has been some speculation that this is our holiday mare and foal set, but I wouldn't be so sure - those sets come with blankets, and have been issued on older, less popular molds. I think the holiday mare and foal set are still on the way - I'm hoping for Susecion and Le Fire, but we'll see what we get.

Carina and Selene are now available for purchase!

Wow, that was quick! Carina and Selene, the final Premier Club releases for 2017, are in stock!

I can't wait to see these beauties in person! Hopefully they don't have a lot of quality issues...I'm a little nervous about that paint job, though. I'm glad these don't seem to have been delayed like the Duende models were - hopefully this means the mini True Norths will ship on time as well. I'm looking forward to seeing mine!

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

The 2018 Premier Club is now open!

Signups are now open for the 2018 Premier Club! Check it out:

They gave us a slightly larger photo of the sculpt, at least. While I'd like to just see the full photo like the rest of the world, they're probably waiting on showing complete photos to try to drive more signups before the deadline.

Also interesting to note that the stand pictured with him won't necessarily be the actual production stand. Though I think I'd like something like this better than say, Newsworthy's stand (which way is it supposed to face? Does it matter? I like to think putting it on backward makes him look like he's cresting a wave). But I'd rather not have that dilemma with this one.

No, I'm not implying that I'm going to keep my Bristol, but the release of this photo definitely made things more promising. We'll see what the full body and the other side look like before I make my decision. I really do like his paintjob, though, for what it's worth.

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

The 2018 Stablemate Club is (mostly) revealed!

Greetings, readers! As a continuation of yesterday's post, today I'm going to talk about the 2018 Stablemate Club reveal on the last page of this year's JAH.

Look, it's mini Brishen again! I wondered if he would show up. And his cute little box - I won't even want to take him out!

And dare I assume that those silhouettes are the molds that are going to be used next year? One of them doesn't look familiar...must be the new mold for next year? Exciting!

It does seem a little odd that they're showing a photo of the mini Brishen, when the G1 release is usually the first to come out, and the one used to promote the club. And shouldn't the new mold be last in the lineup? Confusing. I'm happy about these silhouettes, though - they make it a lot easier to plan. Now I already know I only need one membership for next year! I don't collect any of those molds except for mini Brishen - yay!

As for the new I the only one that thinks it's a little awkward-looking? Looks like a cross between an Arabian and a really pathetic big lick TWH. Hopefully we get some actual photos of it later in the year when they open up enrollment.

Lastly, if you look closely at the pages of the magazine, Breyer is running a contest to win the test color Swaps that wasn't used for this year's Scotty release. More information here (must be logged into your account to view).

That's all I have for today - hopefully we get more exciting reveals soon! 

Monday, October 30, 2017

The 2017 Just About Horses is out in the wild!

Greetings, readers! I bring exciting news (that you've probably already heard!) - the 2017 JAH issue is in collectors' hands, and there are so many exciting things to talk about! However, today I'm going to talk about the Premier Club reveals!

I'll start with the cover of the magazine - behold, the final Premier Club release of 2017 - Carina and Selene!

Okay, Breyer has to be trolling us at this point. They got up everyone's hopes that we would get a new draft mare and FOAL set - because the grand total of one draft foal in Breyer's lineup could really, really use an update - and we get Lipizzaners instead? Bleh.

I like the sculpts, and they'll probably stay with me, but...argh. I wonder if this duo will be released on time, or if they got caught up in the other delays we've had this year? I guess we'll find out.

On a slightly different note, I could be wrong, but it almost looks like the models in the photo could be the actual finished production pieces instead of the resin prototypes? That bodes well for the future, although there's still plenty of room for quality issues.

Next, I'll move on to the first release from the 2018 Premier Club, Bristol!

Wow, a jumper! We haven't had a new one of those for a while. I like his color, too!

There's a full-body photo of the completed resin, though I suppose we'll have to wait until signups open to see what the painted sculpt looks like. Looking at those sketches on the upper right, I like the "taking off" one the best, honestly. I don't know why, but none of Morgen's sculpts have appealed to me so far (nothing against her personally), and I'm similarly lukewarm about Bristol. Maybe I'll like him better once I see a full photo, but no promises there.

There are a couple of other things from the JAH issue I'd like to cover, but that will have to wait until tomorrow.

In the interest of full disclosure, I recently had a baby and as such, may not be able to update the blog in as timely a manner as I'd like. Please be patient as we figure out this new parenthood adventure!

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Featured Model - 10/28/2017, Valegro

Hello, readers! Welcome to yet another installment of Featured Model, the weekly blog event where I pick a model from my collection, give some stats on it and provide commentary about it. This week's model is...Valegro!

This model is item #1756 on the Valegro (duh) mold sculpted by Brigitte Eberl. The mold debuted in late 2015 and was a portrait of the real Valegro.

I remember this mold causing a bit of a sensation when it first showed up! Lots of people were excited about him, and I have to say I really do think he's handsome. Brigitte did an excellent job on the sculpt and I'm glad to have him in my collection, despite my lack of interest in dressage in general. This color looks really nice on him, and the other colors he's been released in have been quite nice as well (the sheer amount of variety on the Indu release from this year's Breyerfest has been incredible).

As for the sculpt's longevity, however, I've seen reports that these models may not fare so well in the long run. It seems the front ends of the models may not be getting the amount of support they need, and the models end up twisting downward as a result. This is definitely a concern - however, I have yet to see any photos of this happening, so it could all be hearsay for all I know. Definitely something we'll have to look out for in the future, and possibly something to keep in mind when considering spending large sums on rare and/or expensive releases on this mold.

Despite that potential problem, though, I'm glad I have my Valegros! They add some flair to my collection in their own understated way.

And for the final question - where will Valegro turn up next? Who knows! I personally think this year's silver filigree model will be on a Premier Club horse from last year (go Yasmin!) but I wouldn't be in the least surprise if it were on Valegro instead. I guess it won't be too much longer until we find out!

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Breyer: It's the 2018 Vintage Club! Me: NOOOOOOOO

So the 2018 Vintage Club lineup has been revealed, and I'm not happy about it. Behold:

Weather Girl? WEATHER GIRL? As a Vintage offering! And not only that, she's the gambler's if I want them all, I have to hope I can get into the club on all three of my accounts next year, then hope I can at least sell everything I don't want at cost until the Weather Girl is released? Blargh! Why must you do this to me, Breyer! Haven't you gotten enough money out of me over the years?

Oh well. If I'm lucky, I'll be able to join on all three accounts, then drop out of two of them once the gambler's choice is over and done with. Unfortunately, I wouldn't be surprised if the gambler's choice is the last release this year. And they aren't telling us what the optional extra model is (again). Maybe that'll be something I want. I'm going to need the Stablemate, too, so if the optional release is something I want, it might be worth joining on at least one account.

I can see why they're using Weather Girl - those are all old PAM colors (splatter dapple gray, alabaster, mahogany bay) - so it's like they're updating the old PAM releases. Just...why not the FAM instead? Ugh.

I'm also curious about the Legionario. Uh, we've already had a dapple black release - Isabelle, in 2014. There are a ton of vintage colors they could have used on Legionario - like, any of them, since his original release was the alabaster. Why use a color they've already done once?

Also, not that it matters to me that much, but where's the Semi-Rearing Mustang they did the poll on earlier this year? Maybe he's the optional release...which seems odd. But whatever.

I don't have any complaints about the other releases - the San Domingo and the Grazing Mare/Foal look glossy, and the San Domingo appears to have a more modern paint job - which isn't a surprise, given this year's Sham (though he looks the same color as that Sham).

The Stablemate is on the G2 Saddlebred - that seems random, but whatever. The color looks like the old-style red roan, which isn't my favorite color, but gotta have it for the collection. Let's hope they don't waste too much time opening up club renewals to the rest of us!

Monday, October 23, 2017

Another test model on the website!

The series of tests available on the website continues! This time it's a Quarter Horse Gelding:

My reaction: meh. I'm not a fan of the QHG or of the old-style red roan colorway. But, to each their own!

From the email:

Red, as we've nicknamed him, is a test color Quarter Horse Gelding.  He sports a vintage splatter red roan coat reminiscent of 1970's Breyer roans, with a pink muzzle and grey hooves.  His halter is hand painted black with gold hardware.  Red has been gracing our archive for nearly ten years and he's ready for a change of pace! He is mostly free from flaws.  He has a small rub that is hard to see but that can be felt on the point of the right hip.  He’s also got a couple of minor hoof edge rubs.  Otherwise he’s in great shape and excited about discovering a new home! 

At least they painted his halter a color that doesn't look horrible with the rest of him (I'm still grumbly about the pink halters on these. Pink? Really?). 

The deadline for entering is on the 26th, so don't wait too long! I'm not going to enter, but good luck to everyone who does! He'll make a nice addition to someone's collection.

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Featured Model - 10/22/2017, Hermosa

Ack! Somehow I forgot to write a Featured Model post for yesterday! My memory must be failing. As usual, Featured Model is the weekly blog event where I pick a model from my collection, give some stats on it and provide commentary about it. This week's model is - Hermosa!

This pretty girl is item #90173, and is the first release on the Hermosa/Andalusian Mare mold sculpted by Brigitte Eberl. As the first release in the 2015 Premier Club, she was part of a run of around 750 and was also part of a set with her foal, Corazon/Andalusian Foal.

I really like this mold, especially the expression on her face, her light trot and her flowing tail. Has anyone else noticed most of the molds Brigitte has done for Breyer are trotting? Must be her specialty. This particular release had a lot of quality issues, including mismatched masking on her hooves, but mine was mostly okay.

Unfortunately, trotting molds have an unfortunate tendency to tip over, and many of Brigitte's sculpts are no exception. My Weather Girls are pretty bad about this, as are my Gilens, and Hermosa needs to be added to that list too, unfortunately. My three Andalusian Mares are currently living on my dresser, and Fantasia del C has to be propped up to get her to stand. This means she falls over and takes out Mamacita every time I forget and open a drawer too vigorously. If I was braver, I could take a hair dryer to her leg, but I'm just not that brave. So, the dominoes continue until I find a better place to put the mares. Oh well.

Hermosa has been used only twice (in actually attainable releases) since her 2015 debut - as 2016's Breyerfest special run Mamacita, and as this year's regular run Fantasia del C. She's been a BF live auction model once, and was the winning prize in the first year of the BF customs contest. I'm seeing a pattern here...hopefully she gets used outside of a Breyerfest context soon - perhaps as a web special, or collector club special run? A mare this pretty should be used more often!

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Warehouse Find TWH is here!

Good news, everyone! My warehouse find TWH/Bear arrived today, and I have photos! Behold!

First off, here's what the box looked like (sorry for the poor photo):

This is pretty much what I was expecting - generic box, nothing personalized about it. No breed blurb on the back, etc.

Next, the horse herself!

She's pretty basic - flat black, no shading to speak of, chestnuts and horseshoes left black instead of being painted. I should probably be grateful she at least has eyewhites!

However, not painting the shoes and chestnuts does make it easier to avoid screwups. And she is pretty good, quality-wise - some pinpoint white flecks on her off side and maybe a couple other minor things, but that was it. It's hard to screw up flat black, for what it's worth.

And here's a bonus picture of her with the original Bear:

It's hard to see in the photo, but the original Bear does have some reddish shading that the TWH doesn't. Plus the details, of course.

And lastly, here's a photo of their VINs:

TWH on top, Bear on the bottom. The TWH's VIN reads August 08, while Bear's was Oct 2011 if I remember right. So these aren't models that have just been sitting, forgotten, in some dusty warehouse corner for the past few years - they were painted only a couple of months ago. As for why Breyer doesn't just use them for special runs or something, it's probably a cheap/easy way to paint up some old bodies to sell. Especially since most of these warehouse finds have been on older, less popular molds. Rather than flood the market with low-run web specials that won't sell as well, just paint them up as reissues of old regular runs and get rid of the bodies that way. Makes sense to me!

That's all I've got for today. I wonder what sort of warehouse finds we'll get in the future!

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

As Sweet As Candy

So there's a new micro-run available for entry on the Breyer website, and I think it's super-cute! Check him out:

Candy corn donkey! And his name is Cornelius! So cute! He's glossy AND pearly, too! It would be a match made in heaven, if only I collected Brightys.

The only thing I'd do differently is have the different colors masked off instead of fading into each other - the color edges on candy corn are usually fairly crisp. And maybe give him more detailed eyes - what if his eyes were orange, too? That would be super cool!

This is a micro run, with only 50 pieces produced. Whew! Despite his cuteness, I won't be entering as I don't collect Brighty- that should give some of the people who want him a bigger chance! I almost wish they'd done this on a mold I collect so I could enter. Someone on Blab mentioned a candy cane zebra for Christmas, though - that I could totally get behind.

In the meantime, make sure you get your entries in! The entry period for this guy is only two days! Get your entry in here, and good luck to everyone who wants him!

Allegiance is now available for purchase!

This year's fifth Stablemate Club release, Allegiance, has been revealed and is ready to order!

Yay, patriotism! According to the email blurb, this guy is a mini-me of Patriot, one of the special runs from last year. Not sure why they thought releasing this guy now instead of like, June or August was the way to go - last year's decorator, Ricochet, came out in August, and it probably would have been better to release this guy closer to July 4, but oh well.

I liked Patriot, and I like the paint job on this guy, but I'm just not a fan of the mold, sadly. So, both of ours will have to be rehomed. But that's a good thing when you're trying to cut back on purchases - I just hope we can at least get our money back. I don't think that'll be terribly difficult, though. If you're in the club, happy ordering!

Monday, October 16, 2017

Fletcher is available for preorder!

Exciting news! Next year's first Collector Club special run, Fletcher, is already available for preorder - with a choice of matte or glossy finish!

They haven't had this option for Collector Club members before - I wish they would! Oh well. I won't be ordering this guy anyway, since I don't collect Wyatt. He sure is nice-looking in glossy, though! 

Here he is in matte (with a different-colored stand - interesting).

He looks like a completely different model in matte. I definitely like the glossy better - though I'm still wondering what's going to happen with those three test models that were in the tent at Breyerfest.

In the meantime, Fletcher can be preordered by current Collector Club members until November 30, so undecided members have plenty of time to decide if they want him. His total cost is $75 plus shipping, with a $25 deposit due at the time of preorder. Order him here!

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Featured Model - 10/14/2017, Forever Saige

Hello, readers, and welcome to yet another edition of Featured Model, the weekly blog event where I pick a model from my collection, give some stats on it and provide commentary about it. This week's model is: Forever Saige!

This item was #90175, and was the final release of the 2015 Premier Club. This was the original release for this mold, and she was sculpted by Kristina Lucas Francis. As a Premier Club release, we don't know exactly how many were produced, but it's probably safe to assume there are around 750 of them...unless some of the leftovers got painted over and released as the chalky Hwins that have been popping up at Tractor Supply recently. But we don't have any confirmation of that.

This model was pretty controversial when it first came out, mostly because of her neck, which evidently started out shorter and was lengthened per a request from Breyer. Personally, it doesn't really bother me that much, mostly because her sassy expression makes up for it. I love this mold's attitude! She definitely has that boss-mare "don't mess with me" look.

As for her color, I like it, though the purplish shading is a little odd, and I'm starting to get tired of nearly every new release being some shade of grulla (Forever Saige, Primrose, Mirado, Geronimo to name a few). I almost wish the Premier Club release had been in this color instead (or that I'd had the money to buy that test); ah, well. Hopefully Forever Saige gets released in a new, sassy color soon, though she was a Breyerfest SR last year, is in the current line as Hwin and was this year's first Collector Club model. Maybe she'll show up as a web special next year? That would be pretty cool!

Friday, October 13, 2017

Sugarmaple and Calavera are here!

After a long wait, and then two days of being held hostage at the post office, my Sugarmaple and Calavera models are finally here! Woohoo! I'll start with Sugarmaple!

I've been seeing a lot of variation in this run in online photos of him; some of them seem to be a lot more red or green than others. Mine seems to be in the middle, with more of the brown/gold rather than red or green. Which is fine, though I somewhat hoped I'd get one of the greener ones. Oh well!

Quality-wise, he's a little...odd. I don't think the leaves are decals - they look more like stencils. But some of them look a little weird around the edges. Not sure if they'll show up very well in photos or not.

Maybe it's a side effect of using gold paint on a translucent model, but it almost looks like the gold started to (or just threatened to) flake off when the stencils were removed.

But, in the grand scheme of things, it's a fairly minor issue and I didn't see anything else wrong with him. Here's a shot of his handsome head!

I'm excited to get this guy lined up with the rest of his brethren! Sugarmaple is definitely here to stay.

Now, on to Calavera - I'm so happy with this model! I've been hearing a lot online about how flawed this run was, with horrible wrinkled decals, poor paint jobs and the like. But mine is almost flawless!

With the amount of decals on this model, I'd have expected to find something wrong with at least one of them, but to my amazement, NONE of these decals are wrinkled or otherwise have anything wrong with them other than the visible borders (which is inevitable when the model isn't glossed).

As for other flaws, he's got a few small dings here and there, and his mane could have been painted a little more neatly. I'd have liked to see less stark black and more purple on the tendon areas of his legs, but that's more personal preference than anything else. I'm very, very happy with this model and so glad I got a good one!

Have I mentioned how much I like the colors used on this model? I love his white face, and the orange-red mane and tail, and the purple legs. The flowers look great too! I think this was an excellent design, and a nice departure from the usual Halloween model.

I don't think I've seen decals this good since I got my also-flawless Luna back in 2012. Though, now that I think about it, my Marigold from this year's Breyerfest has pretty good decals too, and he was designed by the same person that designed Calavera (Lauren Hoeffer). Coincidence? Probably, but I'm happy anyway!

All in all, I'm really happy with this model! At least for now...we'll have to see how well these models age. I'll be curious (and probably disappointed) to see what happens to these decals in 20 years or so. But that's a question for another time! Until next time, readers! 

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Griffin is now available for purchase!

Another day, another dollar...or model, in this case. The second Collector Club special run for 2017, Griffin, is now available to order!

A sample of this model was displayed at Breyerfest, and he (or at least that particular sample) looked a lot more orangey than in these promo photos.

My suspicions about Griffin's curiously dark hooves (and his true color) were correct, though -  he's a blond chestnut, and his hooves have been blacked for the show ring! From the email:

This special edition Irish Draught cross is a beautifully shaded and dappled rich blonde chestnut.  Four high white socks and a blaze give Griffin character.  His mane is braided and his hooves are darkened, making him ready for a show in his athletic trot. 

As usual, there's no word on how many were produced, although this type of run tends to be around 1,000.

He certainly is handsome, although nothing I need to buy. But I hope everyone who buys him is happy with him! 

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Ooh! New Warehouse Finds!

So, I got an email today that Breyer had put up some new Warehouse Finds on the website. If you aren't familiar with the Warehouse Find situation, in 2013 some mysterious models showed up in the Breyer Store at Breyerfest. They were essentially reissues of old regular runs, but in generic boxes and with the longer Special Run-type item number. After Breyerfest, they showed up for sale on the website, and others have periodically been added to the lineup since then.

We never got much of an official explanation from Breyer as to exactly what they were, but I did overhear longtime Breyer employee Ed telling someone in the Breyer Store that the models had been leftover whiteware found in the warehouse that they painted up to sell. Not sure why they didn't turn said whiteware into some type of actual special run rather than paint it as old regular runs that (for the most part) haven't sold out, but there it is.

Actual bundles of whiteware models have been offered for sale at Breyerfest as well; though they always seemed to sell well, maybe the amount of whiteware Breyer found was too much to justify throwing it all into the store.

Anyway, the six new Warehouse Find models are as follows:

Bluegrass Bandit in black (reissue of Elvis Presley's Bear)
San Domingo in palomino pinto (reissue of Let's Go Riding Western)
Legionario in mulberry gray (reissue of Medieval Knight)
Stock Horse Mare in dapple gray (reissue of American Quarter Horse Mare)
Justin Morgan in bay (reissue of Double Take)
Quarter Horse Yearling in sorrel (reissue of American Quarter Horse Yearling)

If these warehouse finds are anything like the previous ones, they'll be similar to the originals, but with small differences. For instance, it looks like the Bluegrass Bandit doesn't have painted horseshoes, the chestnuts are the same color as the body, and eyewhites are minimal. The San Domingo looks a lot yellower than the original release, and so on. We'll have to wait and see what we get when they arrive (I only ordered the BGB), but I'd guess they'll be in the generic reissue boxes with special item numbers like the previous ones.

Happy ordering, if you're so inclined! And don't be a dummy and forget to use your Collector Club discount like I did (d'oh!).

Monday, October 9, 2017

2017 Silver Filigree Speculation

It's that time of year again, folks...time to speculate on what this year's silver filigree web special will be! Last year I was hesitant to predict there would be one, because they had a tendency to skip years occasionally, but since we've now had an uninterrupted streak since 2013, it's probably safe to assume we'll get a silver filigree this year, too. Here's a list of all the previous ones:

2008 - Silver Snow
2010 - Alpine
2011 - Mont Tremblant
2013 - Aspen
2014 - Chamonix, Banff
2015 - Sugarloaf
2016 - Avalanche

 There's also been a tendency to use new molds for this special run - and in recent years, that means one of the Premier Club molds from the previous year. As a refresher, last year's Premier Club molds were Geronimo, Shannondell and Yasmin.

Personally, I don't see them using Geronimo, as he appeared in matte and glossy at this year's Breyerfest and was the TSC special run to boot. Shannondell or Yasmin seem like more likely options, and since Shannondell was just used as Markus and also appeared at Breyerfest, that leaves Yasmin as the least-used as the bunch (with one piddling Breyerfest release that wasn't terribly popular, despite how pretty she was). So I personally hope Yasmin is the silver filigree this year. I wouldn't be surprised if it did turn out to be Shannondell, though, simply because he seems to be the more popular of the two molds.

As for when we'll find out, I seem to remember hearing about Avalanche in early November last year, so I'd guess around the same time frame for this year. Crossing my fingers for Yasmin!

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Featured Model - 10/7/2017, Delivery Wagon Shire B

Hello, readers, and welcome to another edition of Featured Model, the weekly blog event where I pick a model from my collection, give some stats on it and provide commentary about it. This week's model is...the Delivery Wagon Shire B!

This handsome guy was produced in 2003-2004 as part of the Delivery Wagon with Clydesdale Team set. This set included a very pretty blue delivery wagon, two harnesses and the Shires A and B in a nice bay color. It was item #2405, and the Shire B was sculpted by none other than Kathleen Moody. I believe this set was a regular run, which makes one wonder why it's so expensive to obtain now. I don't think it was particularly popular at the time of its release, so that may be why.

In last week's Featured Model, I think I said Make a Wish was the first mold to have interchangeable body parts, but clearly I forgot about the Shire B! Although I'm pretty sure the Shire B is its own mold, distinct from the Shire A, but I don't know for sure. Either way, everyone knows the Shire A and the Shire B are the same mold, but the Shire B has the tucked head to distinguish it.

I wish the Shire B would get used more often; the Shire A has had a healthy number of releases and is in the current line as the Best of British Shire Stallion and was used as the Sharpieloosa Triton last year. Shire B, though, hasn't been used since his unexpected appearance as Frosty in 2014, and had only two wide releases before that.

I like this mold because he looks like he's showing a little more attitude than the Shire A. There's the Shire A, looking all happy and obedient, stealing the limelight again. Shire B tosses his head in frustration! He wants to be the star too! But there's the Shire A, that goody-two-shoes jerk. Shire B will show them someday! He'll show them all! get the idea.

So, anyway. The Shire B definitely needs more chances to shine - hopefully this happens soon! I'm always down for more releases on molds I like!

Friday, October 6, 2017

Collector Club 2018 memberships are now open!

Exciting news! Collector Club memberships for 2018 can now be purchased on Breyer's website. More importantly, the club structure is being revamped somewhat to be based on the calendar year rather than the old rollover structure. If you're already a Collector Club member, presumably you've received an email about this explaining the changes and providing a discount code to extend your membership through the end of the year, based on when it currently expires (or longer, if it expires next year sometime). And, apparently this flashy guy is one of next year's Collector Club models!

His name is Fletcher, according to the website (where do they come up with these names?). He's beautiful, especially with the gloss (Gloss on a Collector Club special run? Gasp! They haven't done that since Tesoro de Oro in 2014!).

Interestingly, he looks a lot like these three models that were on display in the Collector Club tent at Breyerfest this year:

They're similar, but not quite the same shade of...whatever color that is. Unless Fletcher's gloss is really bringing out the color there. So are they not going to use any of the bottom three? It would be weird to have both of next year's Collector Club horses be appaloosas in almost the same color (and disappointing for me, as I don't collect any of these molds). I guess we'll have to wait and see.