Sunday, November 13, 2016

2017 Hopes and Dreams

As this year starts to draw to a close, I wanted to put down some of my thoughts about the upcoming year of Breyer releases. We should start seeing new releases for 2017 soon, and I thought it would be good to talk about some things I'd like to see.

For starters - although it would have to be for 2018, now - I'd like to see a Classic-scale Premier Club. I think Breyer badly needs more new, updated Classics molds if they want the line to be more competitive.  Of 68 Classic-sized molds, 10 were released from 1990-2000, and 24 were introduced in the year 2000 or later. The Classics Horse of the Year series seems to be their way of introducing new Classic sculpts, but I think they need to be doing it on a faster scale. A Classics Premier Club with 3-4 new sculpts would help a lot, even if they only did it for one or two years. Heck, even if they took all the old Moody porcelain sculpts from the '90s and released them all as Classics, it'd help.

In regards to the 2017 Premier Club, I'm hoping one of the releases will finally include a new draft foal. It's ridiculous that collectors have been asking for a new draft foal for oh, the last 40-odd years, yet we still haven't gotten one. Bonus points if they do two new molds for a set of twins (unlikely as that would be in real life). Maybe a mare and foal set to match Shannondell? One can only hope. I'd also like to see zero stock-type molds. Instead, let's see something like a real Akhal-Teke, or another mustang, or a new Lipizzaner. Perhaps a jumper - we haven't had one of those for a while.

As for the 2017 Stablemate Club, I'd settle for more releases on molds I'll keep. It would be nice to get another new mold out of it too. As for more specific molds, I wouldn't mind seeing the G2 Warmblood, Andalusian or Saddlebred, the G3 Belgian, Peruvian Paso, TWH or Friesian, or the G4 Andalusian Stallion or Icelandic Horse.

It's too early to speculate about things like next year's web specials - they pick such arbitrary themes that it's hard to predict ahead of time, though we'll probably see at least one of this year's Premier sculpts get used as a web special.

That's about all I can think of for now- hopefully the upcoming year is a good one!

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