Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Slow News Week

Not much new and exciting to report this week, unfortunately. Well, so far, anyway. But I doubt they'll reveal anything tomorrow because, you know, Thanksgiving and all. Hopefully Breyer adds some snazzy new items to the Black Friday sale, though! In the meantime, my yearly Breyer catalog arrived a couple of days ago (3 catalogs, actually...). Not much new to report in there either, but I did notice something on the last page...

The special run for next year's Kid's Club is what looks like a light gray Classic Ruffian! She looks similar to the gray Ruffian that was a WEG special run for 2014, but lighter. Interesting! This would only be the third time Ruffian has been issued in gray (the first being a gray blanket Appaloosa version in the '90s).

Other than that, there isn't much exciting in the catalog, although I was pleased to see a little diversity amongst the catalog models, and even a boy or two! It really irritates me when Breyer describes its products as being for "horse-crazy girls" of horses isn't (and shouldn't) be a girls-only club. Now, if we could get even more diversity in there, and more boys, and if the photographer would tell the kids to actually play with the models and/or look natural instead of holding them with a pasted-on smile, we'd really be getting somewhere.

Also, the "illusive" typo regarding Xavier got into the catalog, too. Somebody fix that, please!

Alas, that's all I have for today. Hopefully I have something new and exciting to post about later this week, but until then, Happy Thanksgiving to all!

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