Saturday, November 18, 2017

Featured Model - 11/18/2017, Mini Corazon

Hello and welcome to yet another edition of Featured Model, the weekly blog event where I pick a model from my collection, give some stats on it and provide commentary about it. This week's model is...Mini Corazon!

This little guy was part of a set, Mini Hermoso and Corazon, that was the free gift to Premier Club members back in 2015. They were miniature versions of that year's mare and foal set, Hermosa and Corazon. Since Breyer doesn't like to announce how many of the Premier Club models are produced for some reason, run numbers on this set are unknown - but I'd guess around 750. This model was issued on the G3 Standing Foal sculpted by Jane Lunger.

I tend to be ambivalent about Stablemate foal molds for some reason - they just kind of accumulate on my shelves when they get bought as part of other sets. That's how my collection on this mold got started - when I received this set at the end of 2015. But this mold grew on me quickly, as he is pretty cute. Little Corazon was my first on this mold, but now I have 10 of them - so Little Corazon has plenty of company!

This set themselves are pretty cute, though I wish mine didn't have gloss flaws. Otherwise they look pretty nice - they both have snappy paint jobs. Time will tell where Breyer uses this mold next - we're due for some new releases next year, so maybe we'll get this guy in a new color! We'll find out soon.

Friday, November 17, 2017

Early Black Friday sale for Collector Club members!

Today's early morning surprise from Breyer: the annual Black Friday sale!

Currently the sale is only available to Collector Club members, but will open to the general public at some point. Amongst the goodies available: Riptide, the Vintage Club Stablemate; Hermoso and Corazon, the Premier Club Stablemates; Cypress, this year's Vintage Club extra; Tallulah, Moondance and Abdul, CC special runs from the past few years; and the Premier Club Ashquar, among other models. A lot of them are already sold out, so if there's something you're on the fence about buying, don't wait too long!

I didn't buy anything this year, as there wasn't anything I needed, but these sales are fun to see all the same, just to see what they come up with every year.

Also, I've been hearing that the free shipping code on the back page of this year's Breyer catalog (arriving in mailboxes now!) may or may not be compatible with this sale, so don't forget to try it!

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Carina and Selene and Rosalind and Rigel are here!

Whew, that was a bit of a mouthful. Nonetheless, they're here! They actually arrived last week, but this is the earliest I've had time to take some quick photos of them. I'll start with Carina!

I really like this mare's pose! She looks like she's doing the piaffe/passage, but could also just be prancing. It could go either way! She has a nice face, too.

I'm still not crazy about the pink eyewhites trend Breyer seems to be stuck on, but that's a relatively minor issue. Quality-wise, my Carina and Selene models are both pretty nice - some seams got missed, and there's some blurred masking here and there, but nothing major. Now for Selene!

I'm not quite as enamored with the foal as I am with the mare - there's something odd about her front legs, and it seems strange that she's not also trotting to keep up with the mare. But I like her slightly turned head and the impression that she's giving us the side-eye.

Like I said, some blurred edges, but nothing major.

Next: Rosalind!

I really like the color on this mare! She's so shiny and pearly - I love it! And like I said before, I like that the horn looks natural rather than a vaguely-horn-shaped bit of plastic slapped on the horse's forehead. Now let's take a look at Rigel!

He matches his mother pretty well, and has a cute little baby horn! I like their blue eyes, too. Sometimes blue eyes can look weird on a model, but I think it works here.

Quality-wise, they have a few small issues (some small scuffs on the foal, pinpoint black marks on the mare), but again nothing major. I'm happy to have them join my herd!

In other news, I was drawn for a St. Moritz! Huzzah! Hopefully he gets here fast so I can take some photos of him for the blog. He needs to join my Esprit herd!

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Featured Model - 11/11/2017, Mini Tseminole Wind

Hello, readers, and welcome to the latest installment of Featured Model! Featured Model is the weekly blog event where I pick a model from my collection, give some stats on it and provide commentary about it. This week's model Tseminole Wind!

This little guy is item #711080, on the G2 Rearing Arabian mold sculpted by Kathleen Moody. He was part of the 20th Anniversary Commemorative Set released at Breyerfest in 2009; a total of 500 sets were produced. The Commemorative Set consisted of Stablemate-sized portraits of the 20 Breyerfest Celebration Horses that had been done at that time.

I like the color on this model, mostly because flashy bay pintos are totally my bag. I used to have the Traditional-size version of this model, on the Sham mold, and loved him for years until I finally decided his shelf space needed to go to molds I liked more. Fortunately, Stablemate molds take up a lot less space than Traditionals, so I'm not likely to ever need to get rid of my models on this particular mold.

I always liked this mold, despite his lack of detail. He has attitude! Like the poorly-behaved Arabian halter stallions of yore, he definitely gets your attention one way or another. And like most of the Stablemate molds, he's seen a lot of use - I think I have around 15 of them in my collection. The more the merrier! Who knows where we'll see him next, since he was just used in this year's Stablemate Club. But we're due for some new Stablemate releases next year - maybe he'll pop up there!

Friday, November 10, 2017

Odds and Ends

Okay, this one might be old news by now, but it was revealed last week that the 2018 Breyerfest Celebration Horse will be Brass Hat, on the Carrick mold! I've been waiting for more official confirmation than "blurry photo of a flyer" but we haven't gotten that yet, so here we are.

I'm excited for this news - mostly because I like Carrick, and the (poor-quality) photos look pretty good - he actually looks somewhat like brass! And I'm glad they chose this particular horse for the Celebration Model - so many people were getting starry-eyed about their favorite famous racehorse (usually expensive breeding stallions) being the Celebration Horse, but I knew it would have to be some type of moderately successful Thoroughbred, probably a gelding, and ideally one that went on to have a successful second career after racing - and Brass Hat is all of those things! Huzzah! I'm excited for next year already!

Secondly, a few days ago Breyer put up another free calendar offer on the website - the usual spend $50, get a free calendar thing - and now the calendar is showing up at people's houses. And inside the calendar are some surprise reveals for next year! Again, I'm waiting for an official announcement, or photos better than "blurry photo of a calendar page," but I can say that the surprises include a white unicorn Yasmin (Yes! But white, again? Bleh), and...California Chrome is finally getting his own portrait model, on Cigar (meh). I like Chrome, though not enough to call myself a Chromie or anything. I'd probably like him more if his owners weren't such imbeciles, but that's another story for another day. Sadly, I cleared my shelves of my Cigar models a couple of years ago, and have no plans on adding more, so the Chrome model won't be joining my herd. That unicorn Yasmin, though...bring her on!

Thursday, November 9, 2017

St Moritz: Silver Filigree Replacement?

So I wonder if there won't be a silver filigree special run this year? If this is the replacement, I think he's pretty spectacular!

Say hello to St. Moritz! From the website:

The magnificence of winter is on full display with St. Moritz!  Sledding, ice skating, and riding in fresh snow are wonderful ways to enjoy the season!  Breyer's St. Moritz is a spirited equine that looks like an ice sculpture and is decorated with frosty blues and warming pinks.  Clear snowflakes and windy swirls adorn his sides for an elegant wintry motif.  Limited to just 380 pieces, St. Moritz will be gone before the snow melts, so act fast!  He is marked St. Moritz 2017 on his belly, and comes in a Breyer mail order box.

I love him, though the cynical part of me wonders if he was made from leftover clearware from last year's decorator Samba Surprise. But never mind that! I love his color scheme - there's a level in Super Mario 3D World that has that exact color scheme - ice, blue, purple/pink - and I just love those colors together! And since there's 380 of him (kind of an odd number, but whatever), I've got a good chance of getting my hands on him! 

I won't be upset if there isn't a silver filigree model this year - I think Breyer was starting to get a little predictable, to be honest. And it's not like they've done one every year in the past - sometimes things need a little break. I think this is a worthy silver filigree replacement!

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

The 2018 Stablemate Club is now open for signups!

 Like the title says, the 2018 Stablemate Club is now open for business! And we get to see another of the models!

From the website:

The 2018 Stablemates Collector's Club begins with Kohana, a stunning bay roan Mustang! Designed by talented Australian customizer Franceyn Dare, Kohana has MAPPED overo pinto markings and Indian feathers in his mane!

Interesting that they're not starting with the G1, but I suppose they have to mix things up sometime. I'm more impressed that they managed to pull off mapping on a Stablemate! Too bad I don't collect the G3 Mustang.

As for the other releases, I think it's safe to assume those silhouettes are in fact the other molds that will be used next year, as they showed up on the promotional banner:


Which means I only need one membership next year, as I only collect the mini Brishen and possibly the new mold (if it isn't too weird-looking). Which begs the question, why haven't we seen the new mold yet? I suppose they'll show it later to drive more last-minute signups. I can't wait to see what the new mold looks like!