Sunday, November 27, 2016

Avalanche is here!

We have a new arrival in the house! Thanks to a generous Blabber, I was able to obtain an Avalanche, and she came in the mail yesterday. Behold!

I didn't see any glaring flaws on her, either! Which is good, because the box she came in had a hole punched in the side, covered with packing tape (!). Darn post office and/or packer. Oh well; at least she made it here in one piece.

From the stock photos, I thought she'd be more of the old-style silver filigree like the PAM, but that wasn't the case. Must have just been the sample they used - though it looks like there's been a lot of variety within the run from all the different Avalanche photos I've seen so far. Either way, she's welcome to join the group! Welcome to the silver sparklepony herd, Avalanche!

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