Tuesday, November 8, 2016


Just a few little things to get out of the way today. Firstly: I wasn't drawn for the latest Breyer test piece. I would have sold her anyway, so no big loss. Better that she go to someone who loves her! Congratulations to the lucky winner!

Secondly, we now know what Breyerfest 2017's Celebration Horse will be - a Marwari stallion named Nazruddin. Evidently there are Breyer-issued postcards floating around showing a photo of said stallion. So that pretty much confirms a chestnut Marwari for the celebration model - excellent! He'll make a great addition to my small group of Marwaris.

Thirdly, the free Vintage Club Stablemate, Riptide, has begun shipping according to Breyer. If you sold your Rosie and Bailey set and had it shipped directly from Breyer, you might want to check with Breyer and make sure the Stablemate is being sent to the correct address!

That's all for now - hopefully we get some more exciting announcements this week!

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