Thursday, November 10, 2016

2016 Holiday Mare and Foal Set - Crystal and Crispin!

This year's Holiday Mare and Foal set have been announced - Crystal and Crispin, on the Grazing Mare and Foal molds!

It's good to see another mare and foal set this year - it looks like this is a new tradition we can count on!

The first Holiday Mare and Foal set was Vixen and Blitzen in 2014, on the Running Mare/Foal molds, and the second set was last year's Eve and Claus on the Thoroughbred Mare/Nursing Foal molds.

Crystal and Crispin are definitely cute! Here they are without the blankets (blue, my favorite color!).

Someone on Blab mentioned that they would go well with the Connoisseur Silver Knight and I agree! They would make a great little family. I may be biased, though, because dapple gray is one of my favorite horse colors, on models and in real life (goofy names aside).

Sadly, I will not be buying this set as I don't collect the Grazing Mare and Foal. It's interesting that they're using older molds for this - although that's probably a good thing, as older molds presumably won't sell out as fast, thus giving more people a chance to buy them - people that actually want them, as opposed to the resellers. Not going to lie, though - I would have loved to see this color on Susecion and Le Fire. Maybe in a few years, once they work through all the other older molds.

In reality, if they used the FAM and FAF next year, I'd likely buy them. I only have the FAM/FAF in a couple of colors each, but I have some nostalgia for them - the Ara-Appaloosa FAF was my first Breyer, and he's one of the only remaining members of my old "carpet herd" that I still have. When I got back into collecting in 2010, I of course had to find an Ara-Appaloosa FAM and FAS to complete the family (still the only FAS I own). The other set I have is the Drinkers of the Wind set - they pulled off that black-point dapple gray color so well.

I'm definitely crossing my fingers for the FAM/FAF next year! Crystal and Crispin are available for order here.

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