Tuesday, November 15, 2016

2016's JAH has arrived!

First things first: it doesn't look like either of us was drawn for an Avalanche. Curse you, silver filigree gods! *shakes fist* I'll get my hands on one eventually. Congrats to all the lucky winners!

More importantly, my yearly JAH issue arrived yesterday, and it's past time to discuss its contents. So, I tossed it into my scanner. Behold, the cover I alluded to a month ago in my Chasing the Chesapeake recaps:

Fantasia Del C will definitely be mine at some point (bobblehead dolls aside). Unfortunately, there isn't a whole lot else in the issue that we didn't already know about. The editorial page makes mention of two new product lines to be released next year, but it seems we already knew what they are - one of them is probably the Spirit Riding Free line that was leaked online earlier this year, and as for the other - the scuttlebutt on Blab is that Reeves has purchased CollectA. The relevant blurb:

Since one of the collections is described as "durable vinyl," that probably refers to the purchase of CollectA, and like I said, the other is probably the Spirit Riding Free line.

Another exciting tidbit is an official announcement of the 2017 Celebration Horse!

I can't wait to see the model of Nazruddin - I collect the Marwari and I bet he'll look awesome in chestnut!

Lastly, in the 2016 Product Guide, we got a photo of Yasmin from a slightly different angle:

I definitely like that angle better. The likelihood of her staying in my herd has just ratcheted up to about 99%. Let's hope she comes up for purchase soon! Probably right after the purchase window for Avalanche ends, if I know Breyer.

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