Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Whoa, a new test run!

 Exciting news today, readers - there's a new test model for Collector Club members to enter to win the chance to purchase! Sheesh, that was a wordy sentence. Oh well - say hello to glossy Bisbee! 

She, uh...doesn't look all that different from regular Bisbee in the promo photos. 

I guess you can at least tell the glossy one is glossy, even if it doesn't look like the super-glossy models we're used to. But Breyer's promo photos are always bad, so hopefully whoever wins this one will provide better photos so we can admire her! 

I'm a bit surprised that they're selling off a relatively-recent release, but Forever Saige isn't the most popular mold, so that may be why they picked her. Fortunately (or unfortunately) for me, I have many Forever Saiges in my collection, so naturally I have to enter for this one. Her price tag is $1,000 - but that's still less than she'd go for on the open market, even on an unpopular mold like this one. I hope I get drawn! But good luck to everyone else too, of course. 

Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Glossy HD Harkness!

Great news, readers - my glossy HD Harkness has arrived! Many thanks to my sister-in-law, who picked him up in Denver for me. 

What a beauty! 

Harkness looks great in gloss. 

Unfortunately, his quality isn't so great - he's got some scuffs and scratches under the gloss. You'd think they'd inspect these guys a little bit before glossing them? Gloss flaws are one thing, but clearly visible black scuffs are another story altogether. 

It doesn't seem like these glossy Harknesses were very popular - not that the glossy Breyerwest special run has ever been that popular, as far as I know. I wonder if they're going to keep doing them in the future? Probably doesn't help that the original Harkness wasn't that popular either, probably because the promo photos showed a shaded bay but the actual production models were a pretty flat bay color. Maybe next year they'll only gloss 200 instead of 250? Who knows. Looks like a few of them did sell in the $300-$500 range on eBay recently, so maybe I'm totally off base and they were popular after all. 

But since my focus is on collecting, not really showing, I'm not too upset about it. He'll look pretty on the shelf next to my regular Harkness! 

Monday, April 15, 2024

Guess I'm an April Fool after all

 Well, my one April Fool's blind bag has arrived - and it looks like I got fooled after all. Serves me right for buying one in the first place! Behold:

I was hoping for the green Arabian but ended up with the Swaps instead. Oh well- hopefully it won't be too hard to find someone to trade with. I still haven't found a trade for my blue Swirls'n'Snowflakes guy from over the winter, either - bleh. There's a swap meet here coming up on May 18, though, so maybe I'll find someone there! Who knows. In any case, I hope everyone else had better luck than I did! 

Saturday, April 13, 2024

Featured JAH - 4/13/2024, July/Aug 1999

 Hello and welcome to another edition of Featured JAH! This week's edition is July/Aug 1999. I'm definitely ready for summer here, so let's get going! 

On the front cover, Zippo Pine Bar and the Jack Russell Terrier make their debut! On the back cover is a similar scene featuring a foal and a pug. Aww! 

In the Editor's Desk, Stephanie talks about model horse shows and hangs out at the Rolex Kentucky. On page 3 is the beginning of part 3 of the airbrush painting article series continued from the last issue. 

The airbrushing article continues on page 4 and wraps up on page 5. 

On page 6-7 is a short story by a young writer.

On page 8-9, the Companion Animals make their debut! It's kind of funny that they tried to disguise one new mold as three (the different colors of Lab) by just turning it different ways. I didn't have any of these particular models, but I do have the border collie and the Dalmatian. 

After skipping some information about companion animals, on page 12 we have a Breyerfest update, and on page 13 is a Blast From the Past featuring Stud Spider and a Just About...Breyer Animals! featuring the Bighorn Ram. 

After skipping a judge's clinic and the photo show results, in the centerfold we have the photo show champions in full color! I've never been partial to haired models, but I do love that Clydesdale in the center. 

On page 22-23 is a Brushstrokes article about the creation of the Huckleberry Bey mold. Huck really was a revolutionary model - I don't think we'd really seen anything with his level of detail prior to his release. Nowadays, things like carved frogs, open areas in the mane and tail, and other fine details are things we take for granted, but at the time it was pretty mindblowing. 

On page 24-25 we have an article about Zippo Pine Bar, the latest Breyer portrait horse.

On page 26 is Dear JAH, and on page 27 we have the beginning of an article about Montie Montana and Poncho Rex.

On page 28 is the rest of the article about Montie Montana. The first page of Horse Trader is cropped out. 

After skipping some Breyer jr. stuff, we have a Who Am I? on page 38 featuring some kind of Ideal Quarter Horse, and a paint variation of the palomino Rearing Stallion. On page 39 is the first page of this issue's Vintage Point article, featuring Pluto! 

On page 40-41 is the rest of the Vintage Point article, and that brings us to the end of this week's issue! Check back next week for Sept/Oct 1999. 

Friday, April 12, 2024

Suddenly, some new releases!

 Well, I don't think anyone was expecting we'd get not one, but two new releases today - but we did! Behold, the second Stablemates Club release, Wallowa: 

This release is a matte/glossy split and is randomly shipped (naturally), so we won't know which finish we received until we open up the box. I'm hoping to sell mine - I don't collect the G1 molds and this one is particularly wonky-looking, so he'll be moving on. 

In more exciting news, we now have the answer to the Marguerite Henry clue in the Vintage Club welcome letter! Say hello to Domingo! 

He's a modern interpretation of the old San Domingo! And comes with a copy of Marguerite's San Domingo book, to boot. I'm not a member of the VC, but hoping I can snag one of these guys - San Domingo's color looks great on Fireheart! I'm kind of wondering why they didn't just call him San Domingo, since it's the same colorway...but I don't make the rules, I guess. Anyway, if you're also looking for one of these, there will be 1,000 of them out there, so don't pay inflated prices to get one - they'll likely settle closer to issue price later on. 

Thursday, April 11, 2024

Aww, how cute!

 Just a small update today - there's a new plush set available for purchase! 

They're named Queenie and Beanie and they're so cute! I love the names. Nothing I need to buy, but those names are totes adorbs (did I do that right?). 

In slightly more exciting news, my one April Fool grab bag is supposed to arrive tomorrow! Let's hope it's the one model I wanted and I don't get April Fooled (though it seems likely). 

Tuesday, April 9, 2024

Spring Releases revealed!

 Ooh, some new reveals - this year's spring releases! I'll start with the decorator, which was teased in last month's Collector Club newsletter. Say hello to Gilded! 

He's...interesting, I guess. He kind of looks like if someone painted a TSC Blue with gold paint and then the paint started to flake off. I guess the blue is a bit lighter than Blue's color, though. Nothing I need, thankfully.

Unfortunately, I'm going to have to get my hands on this year's brick-and-mortar release, because...behold! 

Ooh, Picante is beautiful! If I can stop thinking about salsa, that is. It's a little funny that they're trying to pass her off as a Quarab to explain her color, but savvier people than I on the Internets have pointed out Quarabs only have to be 1/8 QH, so theoretically you could get this color on a mostly-Arabian looking horse (I suspect it would take a few tries, though). This also theoretically knocks out Weather Girl as the Breyerfest surprise horse for this year - not that I thought it was her. I'm sticking with my guess of the Arabian Mare/Make a Wish. 

Anyway, she's beautiful! Guess I'll have to find a brick-and-morter retailer around here - shouldn't be too hard. Good luck to everyone that wants one!