Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Breyerfest Single-Day Stablemates!

So Breyer posted the first of the single-day stablemates on the blog today, and it's on the G2 Warmblood! Behold!

From the blog:

Vivaan is a glossy silver dapple bay on Kathleen Moody's Warmbold mold (#5607). Vivaan is a traditional boy's name meaning ‘full of life'.
 Silver bay is a color I love, and I definitely collect the G2 Warmblood (not to be confused with "warmbold", see above).  This guy definitely needs to come home with me!

They also uploaded silhouettes of all four Stablemate molds being used this year, on the ticket ordering pages!

Excuse me while I pat myself on the back for successfully predicting two of the molds, and at least picking the correct generation for a third! I definitely wasn't expecting a new mold for the last one, though. I thought Django would definitely be included this year. Maybe he'll be the Premier Club Stablemate instead? Who knows. More importantly, the last one appears to be a new mold! Word on the street is that he's this ornament. Unfortunately, he's not really my cup of tea, and I don't collect the Para Dressage horse either. Which is fine; more money for other things!

We'll still have to wait and see what color the other Stablemates are, but I'm happy I'll only need two of them (that seems to be the trend for me for the past few years). I can't wait to see what they show us tomorrow!

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