Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Well, That Was Unexpected

Wow, yesterday's hint actually was a cow. That's a head-scratcher. Here's Diwali:


According to the description, she's chalky in addition to being glossy. I have to say I wasn't expecting the blanket and bell, though they look nice. I don't collect the animal molds, so won't be buying her, but that glossy alabaster is something I'd love to see on a lot of other molds.

From the blog:

Diwali got her name because of what the cow symbolizes in Hinduism - wealth, strength, abundance, selfless giving, and a full life, much like the festival of Diwali is in India.
 I'm still going with the "cosmic ocean of milk" theory.

Unfortunately, we're still 2 for 6 on the number of special run line items I want. Or possibly 3 depending on what the surprise is. I'm really hoping the last special run is something I have to have - I don't remember not wanting this many of the SRs since Breyerfest 2012, the first time I attended! Oh well - that's more money to spend at the Clarion. Bring on the next special run!

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