Thursday, April 20, 2017

Single-Day Stablemate #3 - Mishti!

The third single-day Stablemate is on the blog!

From the blog:

Mishti is a glossy buckskin overo pinto on the Thoroughbred mold (#5602) sculpted by Kathleen Moody. Mishti means ‘sweet person' and we couldn't think of a more fitting name for this sweet Stablemates model!

 I like that she's glossy- she looks like a pinto alternate of Zahrat! I don't know...that copy says she's buckskin, but she looks pretty darn similar to Zahrat. Maybe the difference will be more visible in person. I like Mishti's all-white front leg, too. I'll definitely be going for her!

Can't wait to see what the fourth Stablemate is. I'll be watching the blog tomorrow to find out!

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