Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Bandera is here!

Hello, readers! Tonight's blog subject is simple: I finally got a Bandera! I got him from my husband for my birthday. I know I haven't been doing a lot of posts about new releases lately - that's because we recently sold our house and will be moving, and I've been cutting back on purchases as a result. Fear not! I should be able to blog uninterrupted (hopefully). So, on with the show! Here are some quick cell phone pics of Bandera:

At first glance, he looks pretty nice (other than the whole "somebody stole a bunch of branding irons and then went to town on this poor horse" thing). But then you look at his eyes and...yeesh.


 In the first photo, you can see the shading on his muzzle and other areas and the "burnished" look on his tail. Clearly the intent was to make him look like bronze (maybe they thought that would lessen the "someone please rescue this horse from the branding irons"), but they could at least have painted his eyes. It's so creepy-looking!

Well, anyway. Here's his off side.

His mane looks burnished too. But his hooves aren't; their unfinished look matches his unfinished eyes. What gives?

Quality-wise, he's mostly okay, but does have some small box rubs (grr) on his right hip. Not sure how you'd show this model anyway (other than an example of what not to do with branding irons), but the box rubs are still irritating - especially since he came with those plastic cutout things to protect his legs from the back of the box. At least it's a flaw that wouldn't be terribly difficult to have fixed, should I decide to go that route.

Conclusion: While I like the Geronimo mold, and the concept of this model, the execution left a little to be desired. Let's hope Saffron looks nice!

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