Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Next Single-Day Stablemate: Anaya!

The next single-day Stablemate's full photo has been posted on the blog! Here she is:

That's an interesting pintaloosa paint job. Also noteworthy: it's not glossy. I wonder if we're looking at a two glossy, two matte scenario this year? Last year I don't think any of them were glossy, but they all were in 2015. They seem to go back and forth.

From the blog:

This horse is on Jane Lunger's Stock Horse mold (#5724) and is a Chestnut pintaloosa. Anaya is another traditional Indian name meaning ‘guardian'.

At least there aren't any embarrassing spelling errors in this one's description. Anyways, I don't collect this mold, so I won't be trying to get my hands on this one. Bring on the third one!

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