Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Scotty is now available!

Many collectors who attended Breyerfest last year may remember seeing these models in the Collector Club tent:

These models, on the venerable Classic Swaps mold sculpted by Maureen Love, had paintjobs based on the Traditional models Jazz Fusion, Uncalled For, Burbank and Fandango. Collector Club members had the opportunity to vote on which color they liked the best, to be used in a special run at a later date. Well, that date has finally arrived - meet Scotty!

According to Breyer, the top three colors were so close together in votes that they decided to produce all three! No word on how many of each, of course, although it makes me wonder why they didn't just go ahead and use all four if they were really that close together. I almost wonder if there will be a few of the Fandango-painted ones, randomly scattered in with the other three colors? That would be fun, if frustrating for Swaps collectors.

I don't collect the Swaps mold, so I didn't vote in the poll - might as well leave that for the people who want him. I do really like those colors, though - my vote probably would have gone to Burbank's. I'm definitely in favor of mini-me versions of Trad models, though, so hopefully the next time they do this it'll be on something I'm interested in!

Collector Club members can order Scotty here.

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