Friday, April 28, 2017

Fiona and Rory!

There's a new special run on the website - Fiona and Rory! Check them out!

From the site:
Fiona and her foal Rory are two lovely black ponies, each with four white socks.  Their inky coats shimmer with just a touch of midnight blue iridescence.  Fiona and Rory also have matching blankets in sparkling blue and silver for extra fun!

 I ordered a set, because I have no self-control. It helps that I didn't buy a Scotty, though - this is Breyer basically double-dipping on shipping. They didn't get me this time, but they probably will in the future. Let's maybe scale back on that type of behavior, eh? It tends to make people angry to pay exorbitant shipping prices, especially when the things show up with a $5 USPS label slapped on the box.

It also would have been nice if these two had qualified for the Mother's Day sale, you know, since it's a mare and foal set and there's a sale on mare and foal sets going on right now. It would have helped at least a little bit  with the shipping issue.

Anyway, I think Gretel looks really good in black, though I hope the "blue iridescence" is noticeable - otherwise Rory is going to look almost exactly like the black Hansel that's in the Heroes of the West set right now. I'll have to take some comparison photos when Fiona and Rory get here. I almost wish this set was glossy, just to differentiate them a bit more. Oh well - can't wait to see them!

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  1. "......because I have no self control." LOL

    Agree on the shipping. It's getting so bad it's almost like they want to punish us for buying.

    Great blogging as always. :)