Monday, April 3, 2017

Namaste and Second Stablemate Club Release!

The model in Friday's blog hint has been revealed, and it's the National Show Horse!


From the blog:

Namaste is a lovely palomino with traditional henna designs, a pearly mane and tail, and high gloss finish. We can't forget the radiant flecks of gold in his coat. Namaste is on the National Show Horse mold (mold #479) whose majestic mane and tale accentuate the beautiful henna designs.

Darn it, Breyer! Quit putting pearly on things I don't want! It makes it harder to resist buying them!

Roughly translated, "Namaste" means "the spirit within me recognizes the spirit within you." We thought this was the perfect name for our decorator model whose bold, asymmetrical decorations, lustrous finish, and flowing mane and tail perfectly capture the romantic spirit of the horse that is such a part of our lives here at Breyer. The spirit of the horse here at Breyer recognizes the spirit of the horse within you.

That's deep, brah.

In all seriousness, Namaste is quite pretty. His (her?) color reminds me a lot of the 2008 Holiday Horse, Noelle. Unfortunately, I sold off all of my National Show Horses last year, still more victims of the dreaded shelf space shortage. So I won't be buying this pretty girl, sadly. Here's hoping the next two special runs are more to my liking.

In other exciting news, the second release in the 2017 Stablemate Club is now available! Meet Zahrat!

He's a delectable glossy bay on the G2 Arabian mold! I'm over the moon with this release, because it's one I can keep! Yay! I had a lot of disappointment in last year's SMC releases because most of them were on molds I didn't collect! Yay, Zahrat can stay with me! I love his chocolate/caramel goodness! Let's hope they're nice, quality-wise. The sample's gloss looks a little iffy, but it could just be the promo picture. I can't wait to get mine!

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