Friday, April 21, 2017

The Final Single-Day Stablemate - Tushar!

In another shocking middle-of-the-night reveal (they've had a few of those this week, for some reason), the fourth single-day Stablemate has been revealed! Meet Tushar!

I'll start off by saying I love that color. Breyer has been on a roll with their roans lately and this guy is no exception. From the blog:
The handsome Tushar has the distinction of being on Sommer Prosser's new Cob mold (#5730). It's a new mold for BreyerFest Gateway to India!

Tushar is a flaxen liver chestnut snowcap appaloosa. Considering the name Tushar means snow we couldn't think of a better name for this little guy.

 Unfortunately, I don't think I'll be hunting for this one. I'm always down for new molds, and I want to like this one, but there's just something weird about him. He's butt-high, and his whole front end looks completely out of proportion compared to the hind end.

My only hope is that the model is yet another victim of poor photography and he won't look so bad in person. But I'm only going to order two single-day tickets, in any case.

There's been some speculation on Blab that this mold will also be used as this year's Premier Club freebie Stablemate. I was personally hoping to see Django in that role, but since they've delayed so long in showing us what it'll be, it seems likely that Tushar will be used. Which is unfortunate (for me), but good for everyone who likes him! I just wish his front end matched his back end a little more.

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