Saturday, April 1, 2017

Featured Model - 4/1/2017, Moonraker

Hello and welcome to Featured Model, the weekly blog event where I pick a random model from my collection, give some stats on it and provide commentary about it. This week's model is... Moonraker!

Whew, this post is late today! I was busy doing real-life things and didn't have time to get it done earlier. Oh well.

Moonraker was issued in 2012, one of four Breyerfest single-day Stablemates issued on draft molds cleverly named after beers. As item #711141, he was a run of 1,000 issued on the G2 Clydesdale mold sculpted by Kathleen Moody.

Breyerfest single-day Stablemates are usually pulled off pretty well, and this guy is no exception. He's a very handsome glossy blue roan (if somewhat similar to the original blue roan sabino release from 1998), but he's different enough that you wouldn't mistake them for each other. While I don't remember if the Stablemates from that year had flaws, this guy didn't have anything seriously wrong with him.

Unfortunately, I don't think that year's Stablemates were particularly popular - I had no trouble finding the three I wanted leftover in the Breyer store in 2013 (although that was the last year I found leftover Stablemates from the previous year, to my chagrin - still looking for an Indigo).

As for this guy's mold, I used to like him better, but on closer inspection now, his feet look a little weird. Not sure why, but they do. Otherwise he has a lot of personality (although the likelihood of seeing a real Clydesdale doing a canter seems low). He's been used a lot over the years - most recently in the four-piece Best of British series, and he's been a part of the 12-piece Shadowbox Set for the last seven years (I wish they'd change up the horses in that set). But I wouldn't protest at seeing him in this year's Stablemate Club! I'll keep my fingers crossed.

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