Friday, April 14, 2017

Meet Indu!

The special run Valegro has been revealed, and he's beautiful! Feast your eyes on Indu!

Totally droolworthy! I know what I'll be trying to get from the special run line first! I love the contrast of his lighter face vs. the rest of his body. This guy was designed by Tom Bainbridge, who always does the best dapple grays. He's awesome, though I wasn't expecting to see Valegro in the lineup (what does a canter-pirouette warmblood have to do with India?).

So now we can speculate a little more about what the surprise model will be. I'm a bit surprised that we didn't get any form of Polo Smarty Jones in the lineup. So he's definitely a strong contender for the surprise, but...

...I'm still going with my original prediction of the Moody Andalusian for now. It doesn't seem like the name, "Bollywood Surprise" fits with a polo pony. Bollywood films are known for being over-the-top, larger-than-life melodramas. That suggests something wildly hairy and floofy like a Moody mold to me, and the Andy hasn't been used yet.

Goffert might also be a possibility, except I don't think they'd use a horse with a stand. Possibly Brishen as well. Another possibility would be Croi, but I don't know if they'd use her as the surprise a bare two years after using her in the regular special run line. The Moody Andy was last used in 2014, so they'd be cutting it close with him as it is.

Whatever the surprise is, we'll be able to narrow it down further in the future as more prizes and the like are announced. Then, when they start showing us auction models, we'll be able to get it down to a really short list (barring the two or three auction models they've been keeping a secret all the way up to the event like in the past couple of years; I think they do that to make it harder for us to guess the surprise.)

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  1. It's the name that is related to India, definitely not the breed or position. Lol. I'm working with someone to get me a pick-up of this and the surprise model. It's the first time I've ever wanted the celebration model