Friday, June 16, 2017

The 2017 Breyerfest Auction Countdown Has Begun!

Greetings, readers! Excellent news - the Breyerfest auction model countdown is now underway! Every day between now and the day before the first day of Breyerfest, Breyer will (if all goes well) post photos of auction models we'll see that Friday night (with the exception of one or two to keep us from guessing the surprise in suspense. Oddly enough, they're being posted in the Breyer News section of the website this year rather than the blog.

But, on with the show. The first auction model of the year is...on the Imperador mold!


He is described as a glossy dark dapple bay tobiano pinto on the website. Wow! He certainly looks luscious in all that gloss. He's so dark he almost looks black! His stripey mane is nice, too. I wanted to like the Imperador mold, but in the end I needed space and I couldn't get over his tiny size, squished look and toothpick front legs. Not sure what happened to this guy in the molding process, but it didn't do him any favors.

I'm guessing tomorrow's model is on the Show Jumping Warmblood - if you look at the sidebar on the Breyer News page, it has entries for future news posts that don't go anywhere. Tomorrow's reads, "Saturday's (sic) are for show jumpers!" So, if it is the SJW, that knocks him out of the running for the surprise model. Hope they don't waste too much time getting it posted tomorrow!

Also, if you're a Collector Club member attending Breyerfest this year, make sure you log into the website and register for a badge at the Collector Club tent (should be on your CC homepage). I can't imagine they'd keep you from going into the tent without registering ahead of time, but who knows.

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