Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Breyerfest Predictions: ...Better Luck Next Time

The live show glossy prize models were revealed last week on the live show Yahoo group - they'll be Valegro and Banks Vanilla. Shucks...that means I'll have to try to find a glossy Valegro for a non-ridiculous price later (probably not going to happen). So, now that most of the special runs have been released, today I'm going to bring up my predictions from earlier in the year and discuss where I went wrong, and where I was correct! Let's start with the special run line models. These were my predictions:
Geronimo (already more-or-less revealed)
Smarty Jones
Thoroughbred Mare/Nursing Foal
Andalusian Stallion
And here's what we're actually getting:
Geronimo - yellow dun
Yasmin - black sabino
Shannondell - bay roan pinto
Holstein Cow - glossy alabaster w/blanket
Semi-Rearing Mustang - glossy bay extended blanket Appaloosa
Valegro - dapple gray
Rejoice - glossy light palomino with henna markings
And, of course, the surprise model, which hasn't been revealed yet.
So, lots of strikeouts there. But I'm going to count the Premier Club mold predictions as a win. Never mind that anyone could have predicted those! That's not the point here. Clearly I need to put more thought into my special run line predictions.

Now then, for the rest of the predictions. To make things easier to read, I'm going to list my original prediction, and then the result in bold. Here we go!

Raffle models - Show Jumping Warmblood, head-down Make a Wish
Actual raffle models: Desatado, True North

Diorama contest prize: Stud Spider
Actual diorama contest prize: El Pastor

Live show glossy prizes: Paint Me a Pepto, Hwin
Actual live show glossies: Valegro, Banks Vanilla

Live show reserve grand: Wyatt
Live show grand: Adios
Actual live show reserve grand: Gem Twist
Actual live show grand: Cleveland Bay

Custom contest grand prize: alternate color 2017 Premier model, probably True North
Custom contest runners-up Stablemates: alternate colors of 2017 Stablemate Club models
Actual custom contest grand prize: True North in bay
Actual custom contest runners-up Stablemate: bay mini Geronimo

Costume contest prize: glossy Nazruddin (not much mystery there)
Actual costume contest prize: yet to be seen, but I don't see any reason for it not to be glossy Nazruddin

1-Day Stablemates: Django, G4 Driving Horse, G2 Warmblood, G2 Thoroughbred
Actual 1-Day Stablemates: Cob Christmas Ornament, G4 Stock Horse, G2 Warmblood, G2 Thoroughbred

Volunteer Model: Croi, since they seem to be using her a lot lately
Actual volunteer model: Not revealed yet. Probably not Croi, since Banks Vanilla is a glossy prize.

Crystal horse: Carltonlima Emma
Actual crystal: Bobby Jo

Pop-up Tent Classic: Polo Pony
Actual Pop-up Tent Classic: Show Arabian

More-different (decorator) Pop-up Tent Classic: Harper
Actual more-different Pop-up Tent Classic: Is the Elephant Classic-sized? Does he count for this?

Pop-up Tent Stablemate: G2 Rearing Arabian
Actual Pop-up Tent Stablemate: Django least I got two of the Stablemates right? And there are still a couple of things that haven't been revealed yet. We'll be able to narrow down the surprise horse a lot once they start showing auction models (probably on Friday). Clearly my crystal ball powers need a lot of work. Oh well; it's still fun to try to predict things. Maybe next year I'll do better!

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