Friday, June 23, 2017

Live Auction Lot 8: Ooh, Shiny! (And Cracker Barrel Stablemates!)

Today's live auction model has been posted, and he's a doozy! Check him out!


It's Laredo! We haven't seen much of him lately. And that color is scrumptious! Looks a lot like Apollo. Look at how thick that gloss is! Mmm...I'm tempted to bid on him too. Decisions, decisions! (I'm not likely to be able to bid on any of these, for what it's worth, but it's nice to dream.) The one holdup - the photo link implies that the horse's braids are painted purple and silver. That...could be interesting. At least they aren't purple and green, I guess. I hope they did a good job...but this is an auction model, so it probably looks amazing. I'll definitely have to get a photo of his other side when they're on display on Friday. 

In other news, and I'm really late to the party on this, more blind bag Stablemates have been showing up at Cracker Barrel restaurants, of all places, all over the country. I briefly thought about driving to our closest Cracker Barrel (an hour away), but the "chase piece" for the set isn't on a mold I collect, so I opted not to. The rest of the Stablemates in the bags are reissues of other colors, so I wasn't too excited about them. Here's a photo of the chase piece, from IDYB - it's on the G4 Arabian mold.

I've never been a fan of the G4 Arabian - I think it's just too awkward-looking. I do really like that color, though - if they put it on another mold I do collect, I'd be all over it. I'm still not sure if I'm a fan of blind bag stuff in general, though - the Spirit ones weren't so bad since I could just buy an entire box at once, but I still haven't gotten my hands on the gold Friesian from the Walmart blind bags. Grr!

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