Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Acadia is here!

My Acadia model came today, after what seemed like an eternity of waiting....and he's beautiful! Check him out!

He sure is a beauty!

Valegro is one of my favorite new molds from the past few years - something about him is irresistible to me, and I'm not even a dressage fan. I basically want this mold in all the colors! I was really depressed last year when I didn't win Cinza. Better luck next time, I guess.


All in all, he's a very handsome boy. Quality-wise, though, he leaves a little to be desired. His dapples are ho-hum and he has a few booboos here and there. The worst issue was this:

Seriously? How does that even happen? Did the paintbrush slip and the painter thought, "Ehh, I have quotas to meet"? Actually, that probably is what happened. Bleh. Makes me wish I knew how to etch - it looks like you could just etch it off. Oh well. I'm not going to send him back, because I'd probably get a worse one in exchange - and I don't show anyway, so it's not like it matters if it's LSQ or not. Just disappointing. I didn't see a VIN anywhere on this guy either, so in all likelihood this failed paintjob came out of the NJ factory. Let's step up our efforts a little bit next time, huh?

This guy will still look nice next to my Valegro and Gold Valegro, though, and I'll definitely be aiming to get an Indu out of the tent at Breyerfest. Only 37 days to go!

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