Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Crystal Clear

The latest hint on the blog has me thinking it's probably for the crystal horse...but what is it?

For our next model we've been searching the Breyer crystal ball for some clues. Can anyone guess what we've seen?
Have we spotted a Polo pony or maybe a working horse? Is it another animal? Or maybe a friend for one of the models we've announced already?
Keep an eye on the Breyer Blog to see what the future has predicted!
 That's way too many possibilities. We still haven't seen a polo pony, so it could be that. A working horse? What kind of work? I don't think they'd do another animal since we already have a cow and an elephant. Friend for another announced model? Too many possibilities!

I doubt it's the Polo Pony...unless it's Smarty. But they haven't done a crystal horse that was on a base before. There's a lot of speculation that Polo Smarty will be the surprise, but they haven't used a horse on a base for the surprise (yet) either. I could see Polo Smarty showing up as the crystal before I could see it as the surprise, though. Seems like they'd be REALLY prone to breakage, though. I guess we'll have to wait (probably until Friday) to find out!

In other news, the Breyerfest 2017 merch is finally available on the website. I'm kind of surprised at how little there is this year. From what I've seen, though, that stuff doesn't seem to sell all that well; when all your money is tied up in plastic ponies, there isn't much to spare for anything else (at least in my experience). So I guess I shouldn't be surprised they don't have as much this year.

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