Thursday, June 15, 2017

The Breyerfest 2017 App is now available!

...for iOS. Hopefully the Android one is available soon! There's lots of fun stuff to look at in the app, but my eye was immediately drawn toward the Silent Auction tab. Lots of things in there that we haven't seen before! Behold:


Sorry the images are so tiny. There's a lot to unpack there - namely, the Bird of Paradise test model (he's glossy!) and the glossy Rainier (grr...). But Lot 1 looks like it'll be interesting as well - presumably the test model will be on the Marwari. Can't wait to see that!

The Bird of Paradise is certainly interesting, Toucan Sam comparisons notwithstanding. I like that he's glossy. I wonder if he was a test for last year's Estrela do Carnaval? I'm kind of surprised they went with the design they did - usually they go for the least complicated paint job, and Bird of Paradise doesn't look anywhere near as complicated as Estrela, since he doesn't have all those decals. Not that I'm complaining - my only nitpick with Estrela was that the brown color could have been, like...metallic blue or purple or something and it would have looked a lot better.

As for the glossy Rainier...Grr, I say! That's the kind of thing I'd rather see randomly slipped out into the regular models being mailed - I'll never be able to afford that in the silent auction and I'm sure the mold's popularity will lead to a fistfight or two at closing time. Best to stay far away from that mess.

Here are some of the other silent auction lots:

I didn't look closely enough at first, but the Nugget and Lil' Ricky Rocker models in those gift baskets are glossy. Cool! And check out lot 10 - a glossy Nazruddin, fancy saddle blanket and....A SAFARI TRIP FOR TWO IN INDIA? Holy crap! Usually those gift baskets are just horse-related swag. I suppose you have to plan and pay for the actual trip to India yourself, though. Still, that's a pretty cool prize. There's also the usual things like the Design Your Own Breyer, the Breyerfest vendor pack, a full set of the Bollywood Surprise models, and Tikka and Masala (together!). Those will be spendy, I'm sure.

So it looks like there's going to be a ton of glossy stuff in the silent auction this year! I can't wait to see everything myself.

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