Sunday, May 28, 2017

The Plot Thickens

So I got an email from Breyer yesterday. From its subject line, I thought it was just another generic "Buy more Breyerfest tickets!" sort of email. But then I saw the text - and the formatting from the email came with the text! Yay for the joys of copy and paste!

You’ve met only a few of the exciting models on offer in the BreyerFest Bazaar:

Holi, Lotus and Marigold

There are More Models to Reveal!

There are more exciting new introductions in your future!  Can you guess what they will be?  What iconic Indian animal have we missed?  What favorite Breyer materials might be molded into the next reveal?   Will we have a crystal release this year?

I hoped there would be more reveals this week, since we still haven't seen a Stablemate or a crystal for the pop-up tent. But this blurb of text just raises more questions. The only iconic Indian animal I can think of is a tiger, and Breyer doesn't have any tiger molds. Maybe they'll do something similar to Hear Me Roar for the Stablemate?  A mini-me of Padma on the the G3 Mustang to match his lion counterpart could be cool. (I'd suggest the Padma mini-me be on the G2 Thoroughbred, but it's already being used as a single-day Stablemate.) As for the next question..."What favorite Breyer materials might be molded into the next reveal?" What the heck is that supposed to mean? It suggests something molded from more than one material, which...isn't something Breyer generally does. Favorite materials? Breyer only molds things from cellulose acetate, styrene, resin, porcelain or crystal. Maybe it's a badly-worded reference to the crystal? Who knows.

In other news, I decided I want a Marigold after all. I managed to find two of the other releases on that mold for cheap on eBay, so now I have a Gemini gracing my entertainment center and an Onyx being held hostage by the post office. I haven't decided if I want to buy the actual Best in Show Arabian yet - I'm not a fan of haired models and the eyes look terrible. Maybe if I can find one cheaply enough I'll pull the trigger. I LOVE Marigold, though - and if the pop-up tent Stablemate is on a mold I collect, it'll definitely be worth going through the Breyer Bazaar line this year. Crossing my fingers!

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