Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Fiona and Rory are here!

Greetings, readers! My Fiona and Rory set arrived today, so I unboxed them and took some quick cell phone pics. Behold!

This is a really cute set!

The blue shimmer is more subtle than I'd hoped it would be, though it seemed a little more visible on the foal.

Quality-wise, they're excellent - I didn't see any flaws anywhere on them. I suppose it's hard to screw up two almost-solid-black paint jobs.

All in all, I'm glad I got this set - they'll go well with my other Hansels and Gretels (once I get them unpacked and put back on the shelf).

Here's a last pic of Rory and the almost-identical foal from this year's Heroes of the West set:

They're really, really similar to each other - you can see the blue shimmer on Rory here (and his socks are masked, he has two more socks than the other foal does, and his blaze/star is a little smaller), so I wish Breyer had done a little more to differentiate the two. I suspect from the Heroes of the West foal's gray tail tip that he's intended to actually be gray and would lighten with time, but in the meantime, I wish Rory had a bald face or a high stocking or something to set him off a little more - except then he'd look a lot like Tuari, from the 2015 America's Wild Mustangs set. I think Breyer may have painted themselves into a corner here?

Another solution to set them apart would have been to make Fiona and Rory glossy - that would have been awesome! Either way, I think it's probably safe to say Hansel won't be issued in black again anytime soon.

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