Thursday, May 18, 2017

A Big Solution to the Tiny Hint

The Breyerfest Live Show Champion and Reserve Champion prizes were revealed today, first through the show's Yahoo group and then on the blog (well, the grand prize, anyway. Desi will probably show up tomorrow). Here's the first one - Cassia, the Overall Grand prize:


Whew! It's not an Othello. Nice color, too! Next, the reserve prize, Desi!

 That's a handsome Gem Twist - he almost looks like they put the dark bay Appaloosa Quelle Surprise color on Gem Twist, with a few extra details. Fortunately, neither of these are anything I have to have. Excellent! And I can't help but notice somebody forgot to crop Desi's picture. That looks like my photo tent! Haha. 

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