Wednesday, May 24, 2017

All's Well that Ends Well (and Lotus!)

The winners for Acadia were finally announced today, and I'm happy to say I was drawn! Can't wait to get him in hand. Meanwhile, over on the Breyerfest blog...


 The cuddle-y (sic) little Lotus has soft black fur with fun pink highlights in the mane and tail, embroidered flowers and a decorative collar as well as the distinctive BreyerFest Gateway to India logo.

I think you meant "cuddly" there, but I'll give you guys a pass since you haven't been having the best week. I'm kind of meh about this one - I liked last year's plush better (not that I'll buy it either way). I wonder what the pink one looks like? Probably the same as Lotus but with the black/pink reversed. I guess we'll see - hopefully tomorrow! 

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