Wednesday, May 10, 2017

The Spirit Riding Free collection is now available!

Months behind schedule, the items Breyer is producing for the Netflix show Spirit Riding Free is finally available! Seriously, I thought this stuff would be available way back in February when I ordered a full box of the blind bag Stablemates. Better late than never, I guess!

Photos of the full collection are now on the Breyer website (were they before today? Guess I don't know...oh well.) There are too many photos to post here, but here's a quick list:

Traditionals: Spirit, Chica Linda, Boomerang

Gift Sets (similar to the Best in Show horses, I think?): Spirit and Lucky Gift Set, Chica Linda and Pru Gift Set, Boomerang and Abigail Gift Set

Classics (I think): Spirit and Lucky Small Set, Chica Linda and Pru Small Set, Boomerang and Abigail Small Set

Paint Kits: Spirit Paint Kit, Deluxe Spirit and Friends Paint Kit

Stablemate Paint Kits: Spirit Mini Paint Kit, Chica Linda Mini Paint Kit, Boomerang Mini Paint Kit, Spirit Paint and Play 3 Piece Assortment, Paint Spirit and His Stable (...okay then)

More Stablemates: Spirit Blind Bag

And then a bunch of kiddie stuff, plushies etc that I don't really care about. I'm a little surprised that they're making so much merch for this show - it seems like Breyer has scaled back the amount of tie-in items they make in recent years.

To be fair, most of this stuff is things I'm not interested in - I used to collect the Spirit mold, but they fell victim to another shelf purge. I was never that into Rain either, and Boomerang doesn't appeal to me. Neither do any of the gift set horses or the Classic-size ones (I think they're Classics? I'm not 100% on that.)

So, the only thing here that really interests me is the Stablemate Blind Bags. Here's some photos of the blind bag possibilities:

 Hmm, not interested in any of those. Let's see the next one!

There's a little more promise there. I'll need the G2 Thoroughbred and G2 Morgan. Interesting color on the Morgan, too. Next!


Ooh, look at that gold Andalusian! I need him too, along with the G2 Appaloosa and the G3 Cantering Warmblood. Kinda wish they'd used more molds I like, but I suppose if it's a kiddie show, you have to use the more kiddie Stablemate molds.

As I said earlier, I ordered a full Blind Bag box way back in February - hopefully that ships soon. I'll definitely keep the blog updated when they arrive!

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