Thursday, May 18, 2017

Acadia - Third in the America the Beautiful series!

The third America the Beautiful web special has been unveiled, and it's on Valegro!


His name is Acadia! Here's his description:

Far north in Maine, in Acadia Park, 45 miles of carriage roads wind through pristine forest. Many visit during the lush summer months, and thousands more arrive when the nights turn crisp, to witness the spectacular autumn colors that appear like magic in this classic New England park. As fall fades into deepest winter, on rare nights, you can gaze upon the Northern Lights.
This bright, snappy Warmblood features a red chestnut coat with high white stockings, blaze, and a blue eye, that evokes the brilliant vibrance of this amazing national treasure! He is marked Acadia 2017 on his belly in gold.

I bet a lot of Maine-based hobbyists and Blabbers will be excited to see this one. I know I am - my entries are at the ready! I love this one - crossing my fingers that I win one!  He's a beauty! I'm looking forward to seeing his blue eye - it's not really visible in the photos. And he was designed by Sommer Prosser! She always does great work.

Looks like Breyer has settled on 350 for the run numbers for their web specials - it seems like too many to me, but if they aren't having trouble selling these models out, I suppose I can get used to it. I just have a lot of nostalgia for the days of web specials with run numbers like 150 or 222 (oddly enough) or 250. I suppose it's natural to want something to be SUPER RARE AND SPECIAL! I also miss the days when web specials were $135...but that's a whole different ball of wax.

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