Tuesday, May 16, 2017

A Tiny Hint

Breyer posted another new hint - in the form of a riddle - on the blog today.

The next hunk of horse is quite the model. Unfortunately we can't give anymore hints now but there's more to our vague clue than meets the eye.

 I'm getting tired of all the hints and sneak peeks, yesterday's Marigold being one of the exceptions to that rule. Can't they just post the new item and be done with it? Sheesh.

As for the riddle, my first thought was the crystal horse for the tent, since yesterday's reveal said to watch the blog for more Breyer Bazaar items. But the paranoia-fueled part of me saw "hunk" in the riddle and thought...what if it's an Othello as one of the live show prizes? Gulp...I hope not. I'd have to enter the live show to even have any slim hope of getting one without it costing me an arm and a leg, and I've never shown before, so...that probably wouldn't end well (and wouldn't be a very realistic goal for never having shown before).

So, let's hope it's not that - and that they reveal the solution tomorrow!

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