Thursday, December 15, 2016

Yasmin and Django are here!

A box arrived at our house today - and inside were my Django and Yasmin models! Firstly, Django:

 I like him a lot, but I wish he wasn't so narrow in the front. His right front leg has an indentation on the forearm and the leg itself is twisted slightly - but it's not as bad as others I've seen on the Internet. The rest of him is perfectly fine - at this point I'm going to wait until my husband's Django gets here so I can compare them.

Interestingly, this insert came with Django:

Mirado's head looks better on the actual insert; the scanner lost some detail there. I really like that sculpt, though; too bad we have to wait a year to see it in person. And it's a really nice color, too, although I'm wondering why they put grulla on seemingly every new release lately.

Now for the other model in the box - Yasmin!

She's mostly okay and stands pretty well - the only issues she has is blurred markings in a few places (the worst area being right behind her right elbow). I don't think it would be worth sending her back, so to my shelf she goes. Yay!

And here's the insert that came with Yasmin:

So our other two sculptors for next year are Mindy Berg and Brigitte Eberl, with Eberl doing a "dynamic set." I wonder if this will be a long-awaited new draft mare and FOAL? We can only hope.

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