Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Django is now available for purchase!

Django, the last release in the 2016 Stablemate Club, is now available on the website!

"Meet Django! Sculpture and decoration design by Josine Vingerling, exclusively for members of the 2016 Breyer Stablemates Collectors Club! This lovely Friesian cross is a beautiful mahogany bay tobiano pinto and will be an exciting new addition to your Stablemates collection."

I can't wait to add this handsome guy to my collection - he's so stately and dignified! And I like his paint job, too - pinto, but minimal. He'll be a popular one, I bet. I wonder if he'll be one of the single-day Stablemates at Breyerfest next year? That would be pretty cool.

So,  this release wraps up the inaugural year of the Stablemate Club. I didn't have many complaints about the club other than the lack of releases I wanted to keep - but that was always the risk, given the large number of Stablemate molds available and the also-large number of molds I don't collect. A heads-up last January about Primrose being delayed to February would have been nice - we'll see if that happens again. So, here's hoping next year's SMC is a success! All I want from it is more releases I'll keep.

I'm going to hold off on ordering my Django - hopefully Yasmin comes up for order soon so I can combine shipping on them, because sheesh. At this rate they'll be shipping out the bonus Stablemate before Yasmin, and mine will get sent to the wrong address because I presold my Shannondell.

Hopefully it doesn't come to that, though. Crossing my fingers that Yasmin will be available soon!

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