Friday, December 9, 2016

The Classic Liam is getting some love!

Looks like some of the 2017 new releases are starting to show up! Breyer's website has a new Classic Black Beauty on Sir Buckingham/Liam!

He certainly looks dashing in black! There's been some murmurings on Blab about 2017 being the 140th anniversary of the novel's publication; perhaps he was produced to commemorate that? I guess we'll see. He's very reasonably priced ($14.95!), which comes to about $20 with shipping. Not bad! I ordered one - too bad he wasn't on the website yesterday so I could bundle him with Yasmin and Django. 

There are also rumors/photos floating around of a couple of other new Classics releases - a chestnut Liam and a bay/roan Appaloosa Mesteno. I'll refrain on posting more of those until we get official announcements - but the chestnut Liam has me excited! I'll definitely be tracking him down. I hope we get a new Gretel and/or Hansel, too!

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