Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Woodland Splendor and New Classic Gretel!

Hello, readers! Not much new to report here, but I did snap some quick photos of the Woodland Splendor model I got for Christmas, as well as the new Gretel.

I'll start with Woodland Splendor. I like this color on him, although the one I got wasn't quite the best, quality-wise. But I'm not terribly picky - I don't show, and I'm not sure what breed I would show this one as if I did. So, here are his photos!

Off side:

And here's a closeup of his face:

You can see his eye is sloppily painted, and he's got some gold stuff in his mane. Ah well, to the shelf he goes.

Next is the new Classic Gretel, the Bay Pinto Pony:

And here's a shot of her off side:

She at least was painted better than Woodland Splendor, and my bay pinto Hansel finally has a mother! Can't wait to get my hands on the Hansel from the new Heroes of the West set! Hopefully those, and other new Classics, start showing up soon.

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