Monday, December 26, 2016

Sales and Promotions Galore!

I hope everyone had a good Christmas! Luckily for us, Breyer has more deals going on! Firstly, the End-of-Year Sale:

Collector Club members: The code "Clubplus17" is now the current code to use to get 20% off + free shipping on your order (Thxsanta16 won't work with it, but it doesn't matter because Clubplus17 gets you the same thing and the extra 10% off). This sale ends at 11:59pm tomorrow.  I used it to order the new Svali Icelandic, Sweet Pea and Bryants Jake yesterday! More ponies to join the herd, whoo!

Secondly, I got another email from Breyer this morning - they're doing another Collector Club Appreciation Day, featuring...Glossy Julien and Sophia!

The "CCLUV16" code does NOT stack with the Clubplus17 code to get 20% off, so you'll have to choose carefully. You'll still get free shipping on orders of $50 or more. The unfortunate thing with this new promotion is that you don't get to choose whether you get Glossy Julien & Sophia or Glossy Cosette. So...I guess it's a roll of the dice!This promotion ends tonight at 11:59, so choose quickly!

Also, the end-of-year sale email states that Breyer's warehouse will be closed for inventory starting 12/28 and lasting until 1/5, so any orders placed in that time period likely won't ship until 1/6 or later.

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