Sunday, December 11, 2016

New Classics: More Official Than Previously Thought

Okay, clearly I didn't do enough research when I heard about those new Classics. They're available for sale on the Toys "R" Us website right now! So I snagged some photos. First off, the chestnut Liam:

He's currently out of stock, but presumably they'll get more soon so I can get one.

Next, the bay pinto Gretel:

She's pretty! I ordered one as soon as I saw them. Finally, my bay pinto Hansel will have a mother!

Next, the palomino Morgan, and other Classics molds I don't collect:

Next, the bay Appaloosa Mesteno:

Nice color, at least.

Next, the Chestnut Sport Horse, on Black Beauty:

And lastly, the Grey Arabian, on the Black Stallion:

In addition, Toys "R" Us is doing a 15% off promotion that applies to all of these models when you order them from the website! And with free shipping to boot! So make sure and order them now before they go out of stock! Hopefully we get to see some more new Classics models soon. Happy hunting!


  1. Thank you. I missed a release announcement so this is the first I've heard. I just checked the TRU website and currently they're only showing the chestnut sport horse and grey Arabian so maybe the others are sold out...? I can't find them on the website.

  2. Post has been updated with links to each model. Not sure why I didn't do that to start with!