Tuesday, December 13, 2016

A Flood of New Releases!

Wow! We got a lot of new release photos today. I can't wait to see them all in person! Modellpferdeversand has them posted. Here's an official photo of Hwin:

I cant wait to get her! Forever Saige looks great in gray.

Another release is a new Action Stock Horse Foal, apparently named Van Gogh:

He won't be joining my herd, sadly. But that leaves more money for other things! 

Another one is Paint Me a Pepto, a portrait on Bobby Jo:

 I won't be buying this one either, but Bobby Jo sure looks snazzy in black and white!

Next is Fantasia Del C, who we saw on the cover of JAH...and she comes with a foal! 

His name is Gozosa, apparently. I'm going to have to buy them...the only question is when. Maybe I can get my husband to buy them for my birthday.

Next is...the return of Foalzilla, as "Espresso."

Color me surprised...I thought this was another one of those things that would be labeled "Failed Experiments" and quietly disappear, never to be seen again. I suppose they want to get some more use out of the mold to justify making it in the first place. I didn't buy any of the Camilas, as the mold didn't appeal to me and I didn't see the point of introducing a new scale we likely won't see any adults in, simply due to sheer size. Who knows; maybe they'll expand the line if this release does well.

But I digress! Next is a new Classics set, Heroes of the West:

Harper fans, rejoice! That's a really nice color on her. But...is she being used as the stallion for this set? That's odd. Looking at the in-box photo, maybe the Standing Thoroughbred is the stallion? Confusing. Oh snap- I just noticed that's a new Hansel I'll need to get my hands on.

Next is a palomino "Morgan" and foal, featuring Liam again!

Can't say I'm the biggest fan of those palomino paint jobs, but whatevs (and the foal is going to look very similar to the Springtime Frolic one). That's a lot of releases for Liam in one year, but I'm not complaining! I may have issues clearing shelf space, though.

Next is a new Classics Arabian set, featuring Sagr and the Trotting Stock Horse Foal!

They look similar to the liver chestnut Cl. Black Beauty I posted about a couple of days ago. Interesting. Neither will be coming home with me, however.

Next we have another Arabian set, this time in gray:

The Black and the Morgan Foal look a little greenish...dare I say, Green Eggs and Sham greenish? This is most apparent in the in-box photo. Hopefully Breyer can get that cleaned up. They won't be joining my herd either way, however.

Lastly, we have Starry Night, on the Cl. Morgan Mare:

I see Breyer is trying to get in on the "Galaxy Horse" customizing craze that's been sweeping some parts of the Internet. That's not a bad thing, if only they'd put it on a mold I collect.

There's also a page entry for Bandera, the bronze Geronimo, but no photo. Hopefully they get that fixed soon. EDIT: The Bandera photo is now up!

I like Geronimo, and I like a bronze Geronimo, but I'm not sure how I feel about the brands. I'll most likely still buy one, but it seems a little odd. Oh well.

That seems to be it for now, but I also heard murmurings about a new Connemara Mare for the brick-and-mortar SR - I'm probably safe on that front. Sugarloaf is the only Connemara Mare in my collection, though I've been thinking about buying a Banks Vanilla. We'll have to see what color the SR is. I'll be sure to keep the blog updated!

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