Friday, December 16, 2016

More New Releases - and Classic Black Beauty!

Greetings, readers! I have a bunch of new releases to post about - lots of fun new Stablemates items! If I try to post all of the photos here, the post will be really long, so I'm going to link to them on Modellpferdeversand and talk about the ones I like. So, here they are!

Fantasy Horse Paint Kit, featuring an assortment of blank Stablemates to paint in a rainbow of colors (sort of).
Paint Your Own Farm, with an assortment of Stablemate-scale farm animals to paint in a rainbow of normal colors.
Classic Spring Creek Stable (no photo yet)
Paint & Play Morgan (Paint your own Stablemate, in a variety of single-packed blank models!)
Paint & Play Arabian
Paint & Play Drafter
Paint & Play Warmblood
Truck and Gooseneck Trailer (Not actually sure if this is new?)
The Same Shadowbox Stablemates as Before, But in New Packaging
Western Play Set
English Play Set
Horse Crazy Stable
Limited Edition Barrel Racing Tack Set

There's also some new Pocket Box stuff, but I have no interest in that at all. So, of all the new items, I'll need to obtain:
The Fantasy Horse Paint Kit, the Paint & Play Morgan and Warmblood, and the G2 Appaloosa from the Western Play Set. And probably the foal from the Paint Your Own Farm set. So, not actually all that many of the new items. I was really hoping for a new shadowbox set, though. Why retire the old one, only to reissue it as the exact same models and colors in more-different packaging? Grr...

Oh, well. In happier news, my classic Black Beauty on the Liam/Stock Horse Gelding mold arrived today. Behold!

He's quite nice - I didn't see any flaws, which is a pretty good accomplishment for a $14 model. I suppose it's hard to screw up a black paint job.

My husband's Django arrived today too, and while his legs are better than the one I got, the front legs are closer together than mine and he has a rub above his left eye. Has anyone else noticed his left front/rear feet are bigger than his right front/rear feet? What is going on with Breyer lately? It seems like a lot of their new sculpts are getting messed up in the moldmaking process - i.e. Bobby Jo's chest, Croi's chest, Shannondell's narrowness, and the unfortunate mess Imperador turned into. Hopefully they can get a handle on it, because I thought I liked Imperador, but every time I see his sad squished self, I think a little harder about selling him.

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