Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Special Run Longhorn Bull - Olaf!

There's a new special run on Breyer's website - Olaf, an "alabaster" Longhorn Bull:

"Beautiful Olaf has delicate body shading, tan hooves, subtle growth ring shading on his horns and a rich high gloss finish!
Limited to just 350 pieces, this glossy alabaster bull is a rare Breyer livestock special run.
Get Yours Today, While Supplies last!"

I don't know if I'd really call that color alabaster - at least, not in the historical Breyer sense. Interesting that it doesn't appear to be limited to Collector Club members, nor do you have to enter to be drawn for it. The price is about average - $145, but the fine print says this guy is excluded from all discounts. I don't collect the animal molds, so I won't be buying one. The piece count is high enough that most everyone who wants one will likely be able to get one - and I wonder if this means Breyer is planning a larger run on the Longhorn sometime in the near future. Time will tell!

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