Thursday, December 22, 2016

2017 Vintage Club SR - Cypress!

Breyer finally announced next year's Vintage Club extra model, Cypress, in an e-mail yesterday! Here she is:

I am incredibly relieved by this release. Despite what I said about the Connemara Mare yesterday, I don't have any desire to buy this one - and more importantly, my fears about the Vintage Club extra being on Othello were clearly misplaced. Now I can go back to worrying about him being used as a Breyerfest Volunteer, glossy prize or other super-limited release!

As I suspected, it looks like Breyer held back on releasing this so they could use it as a last-minute enticement to sell any remaining subscriptions - and it worked. The Vintage Club is now sold out for next year, although you can still get on the wait list to replace anyone who drops out down the line.

Actually, I think Croi looks pretty nice as a Woodgrain, although we'll have to wait and see how well-executed the graining is - from a distance she looks more chestnut than anything else. I'm not really tempted to buy her like I am with Banks Vanilla, though. There's just something about a white (or mostly-whitened gray) horse...

Interesting that the Connemara Mare is getting used so much lately. Since her 2014 release, she's now been a Breyerfest SR, a regular run, two web specials, next year's flagship release, and now Cypress (and a crystal, if those count). I suppose it's easy enough to pull a few hundred models aside if the mold is already in production. Part of me hopes they give her a rest soon, and the other part hopes they keep using her so I don't have to buy her. It's good for my wallet in the long run!

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