Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Premier Club Sketch and Last Day to Apply to Volunteer!

Happy March! My Premier Club sketches came in the mail yesterday, and I had to share. Behold:


 I was more interested in the contents of the welcome letter, however.

We look forward to a thrilling second edition in the Premier Club with both sculpture and initial colorway designed by Mindy Berg which will be revealed in June. The final piece in the exclusive 2017 Club collection is a blockbuster new set crafted by Brigitte Eberl. We are incredibly excited to share them with you.

 We already have a preview photo of the second release, which was sent out back in December to entice people to join the club:

I still think it's an Andalusian or perhaps a Friesian. I guess we'll find out in June (if Breyer meets that deadline). As for the Eberl releases, to me "blockbuster new set" screams draft mare and foal, but I guess we'll have to wait and see. It would be nice if they'd just say it!

The other interesting tidbit in the letter was this:
In addition, your Premier Club exclusive new Stablemates will be revealed in late Spring. You'll like both the sculpt and deco artistry on this piece, where good things - very good things - do come in small packages.

Interesting. So, by "late Spring," I'm guessing June, also? Clearly the Stablemate is a mini of one of the subsequent releases, most likely the Berg, or we would have seen it by now. So why not just say June? 

And I don't like to read a lot into these things, but it does say "Stablemates," plural. Are we getting more than one? Probably not, since it says "piece" later on, but you never know. I'm wondering if the Stablemate will be on Django. I guess we'll have to wait and see.

As for the sketches, it's good that we actually got them this year after not getting them last year. I wasn't all that bothered by last year's lack of sketches; I have little interest in additional fluff besides the models, and the sketches are just more stuff to clutter up my house with. I've never bothered to do anything with the previous sketches (I'm not sure I even know where they are, at this point). But, if they say they're going to deliver something, they probably should make good on those promises; let's hope last year was just an anomaly.

Lastly, today is the last day to get your Breyerfest volunteer applications in! There's still time to submit if you're on the fence! Don't miss out!

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