Friday, March 24, 2017

Diorama Contest Prize Teaser!

We have a new teaser on the blog, and it appears to be for the Diorama Contest prize! And they used "sneak peek" correctly! Cheers all around!


From the blog:

Can you guess which model this might be based off of this tiny taste?
Hopefully it will inspire a lot of Diorama Contest creativity over the weekend! Keep checking the Breyer Blog next week to see the full model unveiled!

Looks like El Pastor to me - excellent, I don't need to feel guilty about not entering the diorama contest yet again. Hopefully they do something to make him stand out from Escondido and Tesoro - I'm guessing he'll be a pinto of some type. As usual, the mold doesn't really fit the "India" theme, but I really don't think Breyer puts that much thought into the theme when planning which molds to use - I think they just pick the molds ahead of time and make sure they at least name them something that fits.

Let's hope they don't dawdle too much with revealing this - I'll be checking the blog all day Monday!

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