Thursday, March 2, 2017

Wailua, Second 2017 Web Special!

Wow! We already have a new web special for this month - Wailua, the second America the Beautiful release!

They certainly didn't waste any time with this one.
Beautiful Wailua captures the soft grey splash of the twin falls known as Wailua Falls on the island of Kauai, Hawaii. Wailua is also home to NouNou Mountains (also known as the Sleeping Giant) that divides the island, and the 20-mile long Wailua River. This striking Andalusian with soft dapples and dark points was inspired by the mists of this lush tropical paradise.  His high gloss finish is a rare feature on the Legionario mold!  Pad printed on the belly with Wailua 2017.
He's definitely pretty, but I won't be entering for him. I used to halfheartedly collect Legionario and had four of them at one point, but he fell victim to a shelf space shortage and had to be cleared out. Now the only Legionario I have is Grane, and I'm fine with that. Ah, well - my wallet is happy.

He looks similar to the Excalibur release from the Big Easy Bash in 2014, really. But less rosy and more glossy. And with a release of 350, there should be plenty for everyone who wants one. Good luck to all the entrants! Collector Club members can enter for him here.

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