Friday, March 17, 2017

Darjeeling is revealed!

We've gotten our second SR reveal of the week, and it's the Semi-Rearing Mustang! Here he is:

My hot take on this guy: Wow!

From the blog:
Darjeeling is on Chris Hess's semi-rearing mustang mold (number 87) from the 1960's. Darjeeling is a richly-shaded bay semi-leopard glossy appaloosa with a star, snip, a single sock, lighting marks, and mottled skin. This latest Special Run model was expertly designed by Sommer Prosser.

I think they mean "lightning marks" there, but all the same. This guy is gorgeous! He would make a great companion to the 2014 Sunday Raffle Kick Up Your Heels! He'd also make a good companion to My Kind of Town, from the 2015 Sweet Home Chicago Celebration.

That being said, I won't be adding Darjeeling to my collection, simply because I don't collect the mold. That's okay - more for everyone else!

Truthfully, I'm hoping the next four items to be revealed in the special run line are things that are more to my liking - I'm planning on getting Saffron and Kaalee, but neither of them really wow me that much. Give me a nice hairy Moody sculpt, a stunning Eberl or an irresistible Sifton! I hope we get to see two more models next week - I like that pattern.  

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