Wednesday, March 15, 2017

The Elephant is revealed! Meet Holi!

In a shocking middle-of-the-night twist, Breyer posted the full photo of the teaser released on Monday...and it's an Elephant! Behold:


From the blog:

 Holi is a warm grey elephant with a spattering of freckles across the face and ears...Holi is decorated with a colorful spring pattern of flowers, plants, and stars capturing the spirit of this beautiful Hindu celebration and as a nod to the painted elephant festival that is held each year at Holi in Jaipur, India.

Though the elephant does have decals, they're not as extensive as I feared they would be; maybe they won't have too many issues with wrinkles. But if that back decal is one big decal, I can see where they might have problems...

Interestingly enough,  the blog says Holi will be available in the Bazaar, which is this year's version of the pop-up store located near the Craft and Activity Tent. So, what animal will they use in the special run line? Or will they use an animal at all this year? The animal release is always hit-and-miss, though I'd thought the bulls at the last two Breyerfests sold out. But I wouldn't complain if the special run line animal was replaced by another horse - you can never have too many horses! Hopefully we get to see something else this week, too.

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