Monday, March 6, 2017

See Our New Breyerfest Model! But First - Like, Comment and Share!

Feeling a bit salty today about today's Facebook "reveal" of the latest Breyerfest special run, Vahana. They uploaded an image of a lock and said the model would be revealed if the post got 1000 likes (no deadline given).


That was the number of likes as of 5:06pm CST. I suppose it's marginally better than their usual way of doing it, IF the SR gets revealed tomorrow after the post finally gets to 1000 likes. They never actually said if they would reveal it the next day, or if the requisite number of likes had to be achieved before closing time today. I would say that if they really wanted to see the model revealed today, they would have made this post earlier, but Breyer seems to be really enjoying clutching every speck of information about this year's new releases until the last possible second, so anything I said would probably fall on deaf ears. Let's hope we see the model tomorrow and that's the end of it.

At least we didn't have to also share the post and comment on it? Small victories, I guess.

As for what the model is? Wikipedia helpfully defines Vahana as a "mount" of the gods.
The deity may be seen sitting or on, or standing on, the vahana. They may be sitting on a small platform called a howdah, or riding on a saddle or bareback. Vah in Sanskrit means to carry or to transport.
It could be another horse, but I'm guessing it's the animal; probably an Elephant of some type. Seems like last year's Brahma was the second line SR to be revealed, and I don't see any reason why they wouldn't do that again this year. I guess we'll find out soon!

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