Saturday, March 18, 2017

Featured Model - 3/18/2017, Cream Soda

Hello and welcome to Featured Model, the weekly blog event where I pick a model from my collection, give some stats on it and provide commentary about it. This week's model is...Cream Soda!

That's right - a Stablemate! I've been featuring Traditional molds since the beginning of the blog, so I decided to branch out a little bit this week.

Cream Soda was a store special (item #711307) at Breyerfest 2007 - wow, 10 years ago this July! She appears to have been one of the first special runs issued on the G3 Belgian mold sculpted by Jane Lunger. As a run of 2500, she's not terribly difficult to find, and she's also a keychain! Not that I would ever use a Stablemate keychain as an actual keychain - they're way too big. But I digress.

I really like the color on this model - she's a beautiful shimmery palomino color and it appeals to me a lot. The G3 Stablemate molds get flak from some hobbyists because of their thicker legs and more cartoonish appearances, but they're meant to be toys anyway, so if the legs are a little too thick, so be it. And this mold is the only model horse I've ever seen that's capable of standing on two feet! Normally that third foot does touch the ground, but I have a few examples of the mold that are capable of standing on the left front/right hind legs alone. Nifty!

She's in the current regular run line (the Gentle Giants four-piece set), so at least she's getting used currently. I wonder if that will make her more likely to show up in this year's Stablemate Club? I wouldn't mind seeing her used in that. Here's hoping!

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